Suggested Solutions to Reconcile the Concentrated/Simple Food Diet with the 4 Food Groups

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Are the Four Food Groups Contradictory to the Concentrated/Simple Food Diet?

So let's do a short review of the Four Food Groups.  To start with, the dairy group includes milk, yogurt, and cheese.  The recommended servings are 2 to 3 a day. The protein group includes poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts.  The serving for the average person is again 2 to 3 servings a day.  However, for weight lifters or body builders the recommending intake of protein is equivalent to their body weight and using supplements is necessary.  I would recommnd not ingesting more protein than your body can digest in one sitting though, but to spread out consumption over a longer period of time.  The third food group is the grain group.   This includes bread, cereal, rice, and certain kinds of pasta.  The fourth main group is the fruit and vegetable group.  The recommended intake is 2 to 4 servings.

Concentrated foods are considered any food that is not a fruit or a vegetable.  The recommendation for consumption of concentrated foods is one concentrated food per sitting supported by simple foods otherwise known as fruit and vegetables.  The reason for this is because food digests more effeciently with one concentrated food a sitting combined with simple foods.  More efficient digestion equals more energy which can, in turn, be used to remove more toxins from the body.  

Reconciling the Two Concepts

Those who write about concentrated foods vs. simple foods seem to think that getting rid of the Four Food Groups is necessary.  Here are a few suggestions to Reconcile the two concepts:

Suggested Solutions to Reconcile the Concentrated/Simple Food Diet with the Four Food Groups

  • Spread out food consumption throughout the day by having smaller portions and more frequent meals.  This suggestion would definitely work to aid in assisting digestion and getting the most nutrients out of your food, but may not be very practical for the average person who works one or more jobs.  Stopping to eat every couple hours may be a distraction to work.  
  • Keep the 3 meal practice but just focus on one food group each meal by increasing the amount of servings per meal of concentrated food and support with fruit and vegetables.  An example of what this would look like is the following:  Have your dairy group in the morning for breakfast, but you can chose one dairy food that is lower in fat and increase it to 3 servings.  Some suggestions would be three egg whites or two egg whites with one egg yolk and white.  Another suggestion would be three glasses of skim milk.  You could then have your grain group for lunch.  You could increase your whole grain bread to 3 slices or have nuts and/or seeds for lunch.  You can have your protein at the last meal of the day.  You could have a couple of servings of fish or chicken.  All concentrated foods for every meal can be supported by fruit and vegetables.  

Suggested Solutions to Reconcile the Concentrated/Simple Food Diet with the 4 Food Groups

  • You could add one or two short and simple snack times in the morning and/or between lunch and diner.  This would help spread out food consumption and aid in the absorption of nutrients from foods eaten.  
  • Sometimes you just need to come up with the best possible solution in your given situation.  This may mean a combination of the previously mentioned solutions. Or a slight revision of one or a couple of he solutions mentioned.

To Sum It Up

A couple suggestions to reconcile the concepts of the Four Food Groups with concentrated foods/simple foods are to spread out food consumption throughout the day, keep the three meal practice but focus on one food group each meal by consumming 3 servings of a given concentrated food and supporting it with fruit and vegetables, adding a snack time in the morning and/or afternoon, and finally coming up with the best possible combination and/or revisions of solutions given your situation.

Your Application

So what solution or combination and/or revisions work out for your given situation? Do you need to spread out your food consumption throughout the day? Do you need to choose a couple servings of one concentrated food a meal and spread out the Four Food Groups between meals.  Do you need to add some snack times to your schedule?  Or are there other suggested solutions to reconcile concentrated/simple food diet with the four food groups?

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