What is your ideal diet?

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What is your ideal diet?

Not an easy question to answer. And if you have tried different diets in your life, you know why.

Not one diet fits all!

We are all unique, living in different locations, living different life stages, doing different things, plus we all have different bodies.

That is what I’ve learned in the last 15 years of experimenting with all kinds of different diets like vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, paleo, ketogenic diet, raw food, low carb, you name it. I have done it all! And, I am passionate about the science of Nutrition and have studied it extensively.

Also, we are constantly changing as life’s demands upon us. That is why our diet won't stay the same our whole life.

So, it’s very important to learn the basic principles of Nutrition and to get in tune with your body for you to decide What is your ideal diet!

The key principles for you to create your ideal diet are:

Avoid process foods:

Simple but straight to the point. The body functions best with natural unaltered sources of food. Try to choose foods as close as possible to their natural environment.

In the supermarkets, you will usually find these foods in the store's perimeter. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats need refrigeration and will go bad in just a few days. They are unprocessed and very close to their natural source.

Most of the foods in the supermarket's aisles have a long shelf life, which means they are processed, added preservatives (chemicals), packed in plastic or can, etc. So, far from their natural sources. You get my idea!

Food that is closest to their source is the best!

Get your Macronutrients right:

This is tricky, but I’ll do my best to make it simple!

We all need a certain amount of protein. And we all need a certain amount of fuel, which can come from fats, carbohydrates or a combination of both.

First, decide which protein sources work best for you. This can be quite a dilemma nowadays with the vegan, and the carnivore trends in both extremes. But, if you stop listening to the public and what others are doing, you probably know which type of protein works best for your body.

You can choose between plant protein sources (legumes, soy, seeds, and nuts, etc) or animal proteins (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc) or a combination of both.

The main thing is that you get enough. Get between 1 gr to 1,5 gr of protein per Kg of your body weight per day and you'll be fine.

Carbohydrates, Fats or both for fuel?

This totally depends on your body, again. Just keep in mind that Carbohydrates will give you fast energy and also will spike faster your blood sugar. The best sources are vegetables and fruits.

Fats will give you steady low-intensity energy, but they are also more calorie-dense, so you need less of them. Best sources are natural oils like olive and coconut oil, butter, and fats in meats and eggs.

If you like to exercise and need that extra boost of fast sprinting energy, some Carbohydrates might benefit you. And if you are a calmer person Fats might help you get steadier balance energy.

However, I believe we need a bit of both.

If your fuel comes primordially from Carbohydrates, add some good fats in your diet. Your brain and nervous system will appreciate it.

And if your fuel comes mostly from Fats, then add a bit of Carbohydrate now and then. Your sleeping hormones will definitely say thank you.

Consume Highly Dense Micronutrient foods:

Basically, this means to eat your vegetables! Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. Mostly found in the plant kingdom. Seaweeds are also packed with micronutrients. So, choose your preferred colorful set of vegetables and aim to add every day as much as possible in your diet.

Don’t forget your greens! Greens are by far the most mineral-dense foods. So have them every day. I prefer them as smoothies or green juices because you can get more in.


Drink Water

This one goes without saying! The main thing is to start your day with at least 1 Lt. (34 oz.) of water first thing when you wake up. And then try to get at least another 1 Lt. throughout the day.

Your body is 80% water and needs water to flush away all the unnecessary toxins and waste that we don’t need inside. Keep that in mind and flush yourself! :)

I hope you found these principles helpful. The world of nutrition is complex and filled with paradoxes and opposites. So, I don’t blame you if you feel a bit confuse about this matter.

It is my intention to bring some clarity to this topic, and many others related to a Healthy Lifestyle. If you want to know more about me check out my site wwww.danielhernandezlifestyle.com and sign in for my Newsletter.

And if you feel that you need more help to define your ideal diet, please contact me and book your 15 min Free Session to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great Healthy Life!


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