What the chuck am I going to cook for dinner tonight!

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What the chuck am I going to cook for dinner tonight!


  • Do any of you cooks of the household have the same problem?
  • Trying to decide what to cook for dinner every night?
  • Trying to please the whole family- as there's always one who will say " I don't like that", "that's gross", "I'm not eating that", in a whiney annoying voice.

 It drives me mad trying to think of something new and delicious to cook every night, undefinedespecially with a family of 6. Trying to please everyone at the same time just seems impossible. Everyone has there own likes and dislikes, things they don't eat and things they do eat. Why can't we all just be like dogs and eat out of a can every night! Yes, I know that would be disgusting ewwwe! So what to cook for dinner?

 So I'm just thinking its probably more of a disorganized situation on my part. If I was more organized I would sit down on a Sunday afternoon and write down my menu list for the week ahead, and then Id write down my shopping list to cater for all the meals I've just organized for the week.

 Yes In a perfect world that would happen, but easier said than done! Sometimes life just gets away from us, unexpected things arise, the days get busy and maybe we just darn well forgot as we are only human and sometimes these things happen.

undefined So don't put pressure on yourself if somethings not done on a certain day and time, do it in your time when you, have the time. Often in times of our lives, we put to much pressure on ourselves to do certain things. This only causes us undesirable stress and worry which puts our health at risk of illness and dis-ease.

 So if your struggling to decide what to cook each night for dinner the internet and cookbooks have thousands of great healthy recipes for the whole family. Also if you have a big family, you can cook a few different dishes so everyone can choose what they like. Plan ahead of time, let everyone have a night where they chose what they want, that way everyone is happy, except for the nights they didn't choose lol.

 If all else fails here's a few simple, last minute dinners- 

undefined   - Toasted sandwich or wrap with, ham, chicken, pineapple, tomato, baby spinach etc, choose your flavor or use what you have in the fridge.                                         - Spaghetti bolognese, easy and simple to make and pleases most.                        - Tacos, another easy one which most people like,                                            - Salad, whether a garden salad, caesar salad, greek salad, pasta salad, or our own customized salad made with, whatever we have in the fridge and cupboards. 

 There also some great free recipe apps you can put on your phone. I use Yummly which I really like. Also here are a few sights you might like to check out.

 I hope you have got something out of this post and I wish you all the luck feeding your families and keeping them all happy and healthy. Happy cooking.

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