Why we should grow our own foods

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In today’s world many of us can easily access fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in stores. This is good because unlike our ancestors we have what we need to survive without toiling or having to wait for it to grow. But there are some reasons why we should not rely solely on grocery stores and farmers markets as resources to get these foods. I’ve done some research and made a list of the advantages that come along with taking the time to plant and harvest your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Cost Efficiency
Gardening doesn’t just save on grocery bills, it’s a low-cost, healthy, family activity too. The sweat and toil can be part of your exercise routine and also provides quality time with the kids.
Green Therapy
So many people agree that gardening helps our mental health. Fresh air and exercise and being away from the daily stresses of work is low budget therapy. It is also a healthy way to restore our mind, emotions and in my opinion the soul. It can get our creative juices flowing and as an extra perk make our landscape a peaceful and beautiful area that is a sight for sore eyes.
There is an understanding that we can contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Through this we can reconnect with the skills that helped the generations of the past cope with economic and climactic disasters.
“Organic” food has become popular, but most shops treat it as a luxury item to be sold at a higher price. Growing food pesticides and eating it straight from the garden is better than produce that is pumped full of additives, packed to prevent it deteriorating, transported and then sold as “fresh”.
Higher Nutritional Value
A potential source of nutrient loss has to do with whether produce was ripe at the time it was picked. This is done so that the produce can reach the customer before it rots. Climacteric crops, such as tomatoes, can be picked before full ripeness. The fruit may attain full color after picking, but it will not attain the highest nutrient levels. When fruits or vegetables are picked they start the process of respiration. This process breaks down stored organic materials, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and leads to loss of food value, flavor and nutrients Produce will lose heat from respiration as well as moisture, which is one-way nutrients are lost. Harvesting at the right time and not letting produce sit in trucks and store shelves will give you a higher nutritional value.
Ethical Reasons
I must admit that I myself have become suspicion of the way our food chains have become dominated by companies whose primary concern is profit. From grocery stores to international agri-businesses the goals of market domination and convenience foods seem to obliterate the connection with our planet, its people and animals. Growing our own vegetables won’t solve this problem in general but it does help us reconnect with our food sources. It makes us more conscious of waste, more careful to look at labels in the grocery store and gives our family an understanding of the value of natural organic food.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Taste Better. If anyone who has tasted sweet corn straight from the plant or a fresh tomato from the vine will agree with that statement. Not too long ago I had no time for gardening because the career I had before I started my online business consumed most of my time and left me tired and fatigued. So, I understand that most people will not have time to invest in this life changing benefit. I think that if we can at least have a small indoor herb garden we can still reap some benefits. With some effort and little money you can make this happen. You will also find that it's worthwhile to do what we can to make things better for the environment, our families and ourselves.


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