World Cup Started! Could the Right Mindset Influence Belief to Win the World Cup?

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I am not a big fan of soccer, but when it comes to the World Cup I love to follow it! After all, it is the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world. Our favourite teams are England, my husband is English; Mexico, I am Mexican, and Australia because we live in Australia. 

Indeed, Australia and Mexico were not the favourites against France and Germany, arguably the best teams in the world, but the performance of Australia and Mexico teams was outstanding. 

Before the World Cup started, my husband, other friends and I were discussing the chances that England, Australia or Mexico could win the cup. And, I am afraid, there was not much hope for any of these teams.

On the other hand, there is a general belief that strong teams like France, Germany or Brazil are in a strong position to win the cup. But what about if we start a gradual, definite increase in belief that our teams have a good chance?

After all, a positive mindset and belief can go a long way in life. It is the essential requirement to achieve goals in whatever endeavour you embark. 

Take Iceland, as an example, they reached its first major tournament, UEFA Euro 2016, played their way into the hearts and minds of football fans all over the world despite having a population of just 330,000, no private professional clubs and being co-managed by a part-time dentist. They became the smallest ever nation to qualify for a major tournament. 

Watching the matches played by Australia and Mexico, I could see that all the players went out to give the best and it showed in their performance. 

England is next and hopefully the team harness the power of positive thinking and belief.

Once those belief systems are in place, they can help to form a view of the world, and it helps them to see the world panning out in front of them. When that belief starts to build, it is quite hard to stop it, and it is a fantastic habit. 

The best soccer players, like Ronaldo and Messi, apart from having an unfaltering passion for the game and spending hours perfecting the skills, committed to the sport, they surely have a firm belief in themselves.

Having a positive mindset is the critical factor to motivate them to reach another level. These players also find themselves playing for the right team and the right coach.

A soccer coach that excites and sparks a fire in the players is often the most significant lesson a coach can give the players. Once they find themselves in the right environment, it is much easier to get what they want out of the sport. However, having a positive attitude is the ultimate secret to success.

Every thought, in soccer or any field of endeavour, can make a difference in how we perform. Our beliefs influence how we feel. How we think dictates the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It all starts with our thinking. 

When we improve our ability to manage how we think on a daily basis, our thoughts are powerful, and we can perform with confidence. 

I am so grateful for all those fantastic mentors and programs that help us to take control of our thoughts. To think only about good feeling thoughts, to focus solely on what we want, more productive, helpful mindset. To immerse ourselves in visualisation and excellence. 

Do you follow soccer or any sport?  What methods or mentors have helped you to take control of your thoughts?

List them below in the comments 

Wishing you all the success