Earn Money From Your Passion

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Everyone of us was born with intrinsic gifts, talents and abilities, however many have not been able to fully use and benefit from those gifts and talents. There are many people who are very gifted in writing, in music, art, creative designs, life coaching and mentoring etc. Despite those apparent gifts, not many people have been able to bridge the gap between using their gifts and also benefiting from those. I remember at one time when we were young, my uncle said to my young brother who liked making music, "It's good that you like making music as your passion, but are you going to earn a living from your passion?".

That statement was an eye opener for me, as it made me realise that you may be gifted and talented but that alone would not make you successful if you don't follow a structured system, get mentoring, develop your trade and even earn from it.  Having said that, I am not emphasising that you should be solely focussed on the financial benefits but I also recognise that getting rewarded for your work and creativity is fuel to your dreams. It is that extra motivation that can cause you to to continue wanting to do more.

Encouragement is food to the soul, and even a slight financial reward may help to keep you going in the face of negativity and discouragement sometimes. To know that someone is appreciative of your art or trade and they are even willing to pay for it, gives you some added zeal and zest to keep developing your gift.

To operate in an area of your giftings and talents which you are passionate about is a blessing. It makes you realise that you are living a bigger purpose and with that, it brings a lot of personal responsibility, fulfilment and freedom. For example, I am writing this blog out of my own volution and I am excited about it. I want to do it and I hold myself to account if i don't.

In order to earn from your passion, talent and gift, you need to first of all identify the things you like doing most. After that, you would then need to continue adding value through continuing use of your gifts and serving others.

On a personal level, I discovered that I am passionate about writing, helping others to achieve their goals and motivating others. However, I spent a long time not fanning out my gifts and talents up until I met my current mentors who then introduced me to an online business where I have chosen to use my gifts, helping others. In the process I am getting financially rewarded for it.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do though I am still perfecting this; but boy, I am loving it! I suggest that you also join in the SFM Mentorship where you can learn to do business online whereby you get to use your gifts, talents and in the process, you discover your own niche. BE THE VOICE, NOT AN ECHO!

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