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Most of us fellow gamers must either know or heard of or played final fantasy X, and to be frank I have been playing final fantasy X from when it was released until last year mainly replaying the game. I never got bored with it, I don't play a lot or wast time as I used to, however, I still like to have an hour here or there to enjoy the world of dreams and how a sport athlete becomes a nobody and fights his way to the top only to face the most critical decision of his life (no spoilers)

Growing up as a kid I used to dream every day of being a game developer I spent a lot of time trying to learn the ins and out of game design and programming, the coding involved, how to add codding commands to certain graphics and objects, the proper use of components and then I stopped as I grew up and found a job that gave me the income to help me manage my life, also a couple of years ago coding was a lot harder than now alot of aspects were simplified and insted of having to learn the codes and implementing them. Just like (Wordpress) a simple click gives you all the necessary aspects of game developing. One of the programs that I love to use is Unity 5.

If you have ever played a game that gets you hooked and you feel as if you were living inside it. You would have managed to experience the emotions it is like watching a box office movie with the ability to decide what the stars do and how will they affect the main story and mentally live the difficulties that are involved with it. 

And as do everything in life as much as it is wonderful and although having a vast majority of benefits and positive effects. It does have its negativities, life is both pros and cons, the small difference between balance and imbalance is what tips the structure upside down. “YOU CANT PLAY FOR TOO LONG,” they say, “ it's going to make you addictive” they dare to state. I don't fully agree or disagree but I do believe that a person has the right to chose his own interest. Of course, we except that if you are not available for your family, just to play games then you're in the wrong if you're arriving to work late just to finish a level then you in the wrong. If you lose to the boss of a long played dungeon over and over you mustn’t vent your anger on your kids. But having balance

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