The power of syndicates

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You have to be in it to.....

we all know the old saying, but...

The odds of winning the lottery are around 1 in 138,838,160.

Now the intelligent thing to do is to bring down the odds.

A syndicate allows a pool of money to purchase multiple lines on any lottery as an example the odds of winning the lottery within a syndicate based on the number above becomes 1 in 13,983,816.

Of course the expectation versus reality isn’t always about winning the jack pot, it should be about making a profit.

The prizes allow those contributing to a syndicate more of a chance of profiting.

We all know that the lottery is a game of chance but would you play if you could play for free?

I have recently been introduced to a syndicate company that will offer you the opportunity to play for free, the great thing is that you can plan single syndicate games or you pay a small monthly fee to play the weekly lotteries.

The company will reimburse you when introduce 3 players, you also get the chance to win €1 to €50,000Euros on all of your active referrals up to 6 Levels deep.

Join the syndicate Lottosyndicate 

You can create a free account Lottobiz


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Wishing you all the best of luck and if this isn’t for you no hard feeling just keep scrolling, I will ask that if any one you know plays the lottery please share this blog with them.


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