Figure (Sh)it Out

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Hi its Dermot here. My son got a Lego toy the other day and being only 7 he wasn't able to build it. Along came Dad, no problem I'll do it, I loved Lego when I was a child. Little did I know, things have changed in the last 35 years.

It wasn't the Lego that baffled me, as the pieces haven't changed much since I was a kid, it was the instructions. I was totally confused!! My 7 year old son had to help me. It was a humbling experience to say the least.

Being new to the world of online marketing, I've been thrown right into the deep end and have had to learn a lot about, social media sites, domains, web sites, blogging, marketing, the list goes on. There is a lot of help out there on the web and I must say SFM cover every little detail.

All well and good, but because there is so much info out there, I found that I was starting to suffer from information overload and was getting totally overwhelmed. "Which was the right info & which was the wrong?"

A mentor of mind posted this: Figure Shit Out, and she is dead right,for me. Spending hours reading through instruction manuals is a waste of time, unless I'm taking action, I'm not learning. This brought me back to the Lego, eventually we both built something that he liked. Cheating I know but it worked. The same applies to a toy ride on tractor that had to be assembled one Christmas Eve. Between myself and my wife and after a lot of heated disagreements due to the instructions, we built it between ourselves with the parts we had. We "Figured (Sh)it Out".

Help is out there and I am not saying don't ask for it, as I do always, but only after I try it out first a few times. Believe me when I figure something out for myself it is very satisfying to say the least. Only recently I had to assemble a trampoline for my boys, again I did it best when looked at all the parts and decided to "Figure (Sh)it Out". (To be honest though it was the easiest thing I'd ever built. Idiot proof to say the least.)

This has increased my confidence over time, as has the SFM programme the more I get into it and learn how to change my own inner story, beliefs and outlooks. Im still figuring shit out and if you find you are also struggling here, drop me an email and we can figure shit out together.

My Life journey is about growth and I have decided to keep growing and challenging myself in recovery and life. My mentors in SFM, Stuart & Jay, have realy helped me look at me and how I can choose to make the most of my life and work towards the life I want to make for myself. If you want to learn more about what I've been learning, do click the link below and thankyou for reading my blog.


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