Gaye Turner

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Hello.My name is Gaye. I live on the Isle of Wight. Moved here almost 4 years ago now. One of my drams that l actually made happen. I have two children, one of which has a daughter of her own now. Not to forget Charlie my Yorkshire terrier. I love walking, there are some lovely walks here, l also like reading and learning new skills.

My son still lives on the mainland, but l wanted to get away from the rat race, got a job and lived in a caravan for a few months until l found a flat. I am almost 60 and been working in the care sector for a long time. It may seem late in life to make drastic changes, but l suddenly felt that my life needed to change.
Fed up with twelve hour shifts, tired, stressed and feeling negative all the time. One day l opened my laptop and searched for something l could do at home, something that would set me free and still earn a living. I was on youtube when l found an online business advert, so l clicked on it.
Six Figure Mentors. No harm in looking l thought. The video's l watched were so inspiring l decided to go for the 30 day trial (money back guarantee). What l learned from my trial was there was no hard sell, fully transparent about the work you need to put in. I signed up for full membership. Have learnt so much about myself and l learning about sfm at my pace. I now have self belief, a totally different mindset, a community of support and a future for myself and my family. Where else would you get that.