10 PROS of a BALANCE BOARD Training

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10 Benefits Of Training On The Balance Board

Benefit #1: It Will Make You a Better Athlete

The balance board requires all of the parts of your body to work together or you'll fall off or stumble.

As soon as you master the basic moves, you will be more in tune with your body. You will be able to move smoothly from one position to another. This will result in the conservation of energy, allowing you to achieve maximum result for minimum output. 

Benefit #2: It Will Make You Less Injury Prone

Many common injuries, in everyday life and in the sporting arena, are the result of poor balance and coordination. Regular balance board training will make you more spatially aware, enabling you to auto-correct your body position instantly when danger arises.

Performing exercises on a balance board develop proprioception, which is the subconscious ability to sense body position and joint movement.

Benefit #3: It Will Improve Your Brain

When you improve your balance and posture, your ability to focus and give attention to a subject improves. The ability of your brain to coordinate its two hemispheres and to perfect fine motor skills is dependent upon your body alignment, your spatial perception of the world around you.

Benefit #4: It Will Develop Your Core Muscles

Using a balance board also increases strength and stability in your core muscles, which in turn improves your posture because you’re better able to maintain proper spine position.

The core strength that comes from training on a balance board will make you less prone to injury. The strain on your limbs will be reduced and you’ll be keeping injury-prone areas, such as your lower back, shoulder girdle, ankles, healthy.

Benefit #5: It Will Improve Your Posture

Taking a look around we notice that many of us are walking with the shoulders hunched and eyes on the ground. A result of all the hours that we spend on technology constantly rounding our torsos. Not only does this convey a negative self-image, it is also bad news for your spine.

The balance board offers a solution. By strengthening the deep stabilizer muscles of the torso, you’ll build a strong foundation for your spinal bones. This will provide you with the strength to hold your shoulders high and to keep your joints in place.

In addition, the balance board together with the anti-slippery 5 finger toe socks are perfect for barefoot training enabling greater stability and more comfort. The socks anatomically designed to your foot allow your toes to splay naturally and align properly providing better foot stability while toes instantly customise their grip on the board like the roots of a tree.

Benefit #6: It Will Make You Stronger

There’s more to strength than spending all day with the heavy iron. By improving your balance, you will be able to work muscle groups that you previously haven’t been able to activate. 

When you train on a balance board, the small stabilizer muscles come into play immediately. They are forced to contract in order to get your balance on the board. At the same time, your larger muscles have to be engaged to keep you stable. When you are exercising on a flat surface these deep tissue muscles are not activated.

Once your balancing, rocking and twisting on the board become your second nature, you are ready to start performing traditional weight training and body weight exercises on the balance board.

Doing so will result in an increase in intensity and efficiency of the move and stronger YOU.

Benefit #7: Balance Boards Are Great for Kids, Too

Training with balance boards is an ideal way to help children to develop their confidence in this area. Because balance boards resemble skateboards, they have appeal to many youngsters. And, because they are low to the ground, they don’t appear threatening.

Benefit #8: It Develops the Mind-Muscle Connection

The ability to single-mindedly focus on the task is often what separates success from failure. Nowhere is this more evident than when working out. Many gym goers cruise through their workouts while watching movies, chatting with their friends or replying to their texts. They just follow a set rep scheme without being fully engaged. 

On the other side, a person whose mind is present at this moment feels the contraction and extension of the working muscle. This focus allows regular breathing and self-monitoring of the form.

The vital body and mind connection is created and faster and more visible results can be achieved.

Benefit #9: It Helps You To Lose The Weight/To Get The Desired Definition

A few minutes of twisting at a regular pace or a few seconds of performing a move at the high intensity on the board will increase your heart rate quickly. Then you take a quick rest to recover and perform the next move. 

Repeating this pattern for a short period of time will allow you to burn the unwanted fat and build the muscle mass efficiently.

It's a popular HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training) where every single muscle is in action with no joints and bones harming high impact from the comfort of your living room.

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Benefit #10: You Never Train Alone  

You always have a short efficient training on the balance board either following the Fit On The Board videos or taking part of a LIVE online training together with the other members of our community.

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Looking forward to seeing you on the board.

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