10 Sure-Fire Ways to Skyrocket Your Metabolism

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Metabolic shutdown is running rampant in our society today. Our abundance of food and overindulgence of processed and sugary foods has caused metabolic adaptation in 1 in 3 Americans! Here you can learn the ways to skyrocket your metabolism.

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Here are 10 sure-fire ways to skyrocket your metabolism!

1) Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins which is an anti-oxidant that triggers the release of fat from fat cells. They also aid in speeding up the livers ability to convert fat into energy by up to 17%. Choose green tea over coffee for your morning brew. Over consuming coffee in a busy stressful lifestyle can cause adrenal fatigue which is a big cause for metabolic adaptation.

A 12 week study had 2 groups one of which who drank 4-5 cups of green tea a day and the other without tea. The results showed that the group who drank tea lost an average of 2 more pounds of belly fat a week than non tea drinkers!

2) Try Intermittent Fasting

There are so many benefits to trying out intermittent fasting. Fasting helps to balance hormone levels and increase the rate of fat burning. One major factor for metabolic shutdown is insulin resistance. Fasting helps to bring your body’s insulin sensitivity back to normal.

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Fasting helps to make you feel more satiated after a meal so you consume less calories in a day. This brings us to the next point…

3) Make sure you eat enough

If you cut your calories too much too quickly your body will instinctively slow your metabolism down to store more body fat for energy. Fasting is not the same thing as starving. When you eat within your eating window you still consume enough calories and nutrients to keep your body functioning properly.

Use a TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculator to find out roughly how many calories you should be consuming.

4) Try HIIT

HIIT or high intense interval training is a method of working out that will skyrocket your metabolism. It is the process of cycling between bursts of 100% intensity and rest. Common methods of HIIT are sprinting all out for 20 seconds and walking for 40 seconds. This should be repeated 8-12 times.

Another great HIIT workout is cycles of burpees. Do 10 burpees at a time as fast as you can and rest 30-60 seconds depending on your level of fitness. Rinse and repeat until you have completed 100 burpees.

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5) Lift Weights

It is a little known fact now that having more lean muscle will result in a higher overall resting metabolic rate. Muscle needs energy to sustain and to grow so the more you have the more calories your body needs to burn.

Girls don’t be scared! You aren’t ever going to look like a man when you lift weights. Women just don’t produce nearly enough testosterone to make you big or bulky. Lifting weights WILL however help you tone and increase your metabolism!

6) Go spicy

Season your foods with cayenne pepper, black pepper and ground chilli. These seasonings have been shown to increase thermogenesis and increase metabolism by up to 5%. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine.

This substance blocks the formation of new fat cells. It also increases the bioavailability of the foods you eat, so more nutrients are used for energy.

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7) Eat your carbs at the end of the day

This is something that bodybuilders have been doing for decades. It is known in the fitness industry as carb backloading. Studies have shown that restricting carbohydrates during the day, eating them at dinner time keeps your daytime blood sugar levels down.

The studies also show that saving your carbs for dinner provides a significantly higher thermogenesis for the next day, and on average lose 27% more fat than standard dieters.

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8) Eat More Protein

When exercising and dieting it is essential to eat enough protein to keep your muscle and your body from wasting away. Studies have also shown that consuming too many calories in the form of lean protein does not lead to weight gain!

Just make sure to eat whole food sources because they have an abundance of other vitamins and minerals. Protein powder is not necessary and the artificial sweeteners used may even lead to binge eating.

9) Eat Fat

No I don’t mean to eat processed sugary foods or food fried in trans fat. That will definitely hurt your metabolism and hinder your weight loss. What I do mean is to eat healthy fats like Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and nuts! Avoid roasted and salted nuts and try to stay away from peanuts.

Stock up on walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts because they are full of wonderful vitamins and nutrients. Keep in mind they are very high in fat and it is easy to over eat!

Try dice up a sweet potato and fry it in a pan with olive oil to have healthy fries with your meat and vege’s at dinner!

10) Stop snacking

Eating frequently throughout the day is a sure-fire way to hurt your metabolism. When you eat, your insulin levels are raised. Frequent eating for long periods will make you resistant to insulin which is going to disrupt your hormone balance and kill your metabolism. If you’re reading this article you likely already have insulin resistance!

If you feel the need to have a snack like a handful of nuts, have it with or close to a meal.

Bonus Tip!

Take a quality digestive enzyme supplement. The unfortunate fact is that our food today doesn’t contain the required digestive enzymes it used to.

With pesticides and other chemicals put into our food to lengthen the shelf-life it also kills many enzymes. This means our bodies aren’t absorbing all of the nutrients from the food we eat.

This slows our metabolism!


What can this result in? Slower metabolism, digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, crohns disease, irritable bowel syndrome, increased appetite, sugar cravings and much more!

Proteolytic enzymes (enzymes that help break down and digest protein) are shown to reduce post workout soreness too.

The enzyme I take ‘Masszymes’ helps my body digest all the food with ease. It also has a powerful enzyme profile to digest protein. It is important that the food you consume is fully digested and its nutrients utilized.

Supplementing with an enzyme like Masszymes will greatly speed up muscle growth and strength. You’ll also see more energy in the gym, at work and in your day to day life.


There we have it, 10 sure-fire ways to skyrocket your metabolism! (With a bonus)

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