2018 Goals & Resolutions - How to Stick To Them!



It’s 2018… Happy New Year! Let’s crush it this year, 2018 is My Year, I’m gunna kick some serious goals this year… says everyone! Is this You every new year?  

You set yourself some seriously ambitious goals and vow to achieve them no matter what. Or maybe you’ve set yourself a more simple goal, but still haven’t been able to achieve even that!  


Why are some of us so terrible at achieving our goals or resolutions? Surely it’s not that hard, well it doesn’t seem so when we sit down and set them. Where are we going so wrong?  

“I lose my motivation” I hear you say. Wrong! We don’t achieve goals and resolutions, wether hugely ambitious or simple and small, with motivation. Yes, motivation helps but it all comes down to the decisions we make, what we choose to do with our time.  

Choice… we all have the Power to Choose. All of us.  

My alarm goes off at 5am, I feel tired and would love more sleep but I CHOOSE to get up and do my morning workout because I know that my goal won’t be achieved if I don’t. The ‘pain’ I put myself through in the morning is way better than the ‘pain’ of anger and frustration I know I will feel later that day if I don’t go.  

Our brains are designed to protect our bodies from any kind of pain or discomfort by sending through alarm bells to make us feel fear, to Hesitate, sometimes just for long enough to make the Decision Not To… not to try, not to go through the pain of starting that new business, the pain of working out to get the body we want, the pain of starting to write a new blog or book.  

But is the short term pain or discomfort of taking the steps towards achieving your goals that bad? Maybe your goals or resolutions aren’t important enough, maybe you need to make them bigger?  

I have come from a place of massive goal-setter but also massive procrastinator! I’ve made up all the excuses under the sun so I know how some of you may feel about fearing making those choices and taking those steps to success. I even put off writing this article for a week!  

So How do we Stick to our Goals and Resolutions?  

  1. Write your Goals down. Always have them written down on paper to constantly go back and look at. Also write down smaller stepping-stone goals to achieve along the way, makes your Big Goal seem to much easier to achieve.
  2. Pre-plan your days. Sit down the night before and write out all your tasks, then prioritise them. That way you’ll get up in the morning already knowing what you need to do that day. And how fun is it ticking tasks off your list, right!
  3. Do the hardest tasks first. Leaving the things that make you feel most uncomfortable until the end of the day will only make you dread the end of the day arriving! Get it done first, you’ll be surprised how fabulous and motivated you feel for the rest of the day.
  4. Work on Yourself! You have to have the right mindset, no negative Nancy will achieve much so take the time Daily to do some personal development. Even if it’s just 10 minutes watching a youtube video or reading a book. It all ads up to condition your mind for success.
  5. Visualise. Visualising your goals and dreams on a daily basis is so important. It allows your mind to really believe that you CAN achieve whatever it is you want. You need to keep your goals in sight, remember Why you’re doing all these things that make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Keep the bigger picture in sight.

These are just a few things I do on a daily basis and I hope you too can take something from this to help you on your way to achieving your own goals and resolutions for 2018.  

Remember… it’s YOUR CHOICE. Don’t have any regrets at the end of this year.  

Wishing you Massive Success in 2018!

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