3 Reasons to Delete Instagram

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Do you really need three reasons?

Stop trying to impress people and just delete it already, you know it's bad for you 😋

Okay you convinced me, if you haven’t deleted it already after that compelling argument above, then I’ll share my secrets.

So, have you ever thought about deleting Instagram?

Maybe taking a break from it?

Want to know what the benefits are of removing it from your life?


Sorry, I'll stop shouting.

Think about it like this - what are you trying to prove to people?

And why?

All Instagram is is you marketing yourself to the internet.

And you don’t have to prove anything to anyone on the internet.

I get it, you might use Instagram to follow mentors who inspire you - if you do that's amazing. We all need mentors to inspire us to the best versions of ourselves we can be. I've gone and created a whole account JUST to follow my mentors - this after deleting my original account where I had lots of followers and cool pictures, but, that doesn't align with who I am anymore.

Now I just follow people who inspire me and add value in their content - if you use Instagram to do this as well I guarantee you will be left feeling inspired and motivated rather than how you usually feel after scrolling through Instagram, uninspired and unfulfilled, wishing you had what someone else has, or looked how someone does.

Also, if you enjoy photography and taking photos and sharing it with the world so that they can enjoy it, then again, this makes sense and your content is purposeful.

I do the same with my Instagram DJ account. I’m not trying to get signed or get gigs or get famous, I’m just trying to find like-minded people who enjoy the same music as I do, as much as I do, so that we can share in the joy of listening to the music I create.

Btw you like Psytrance, Darkpsy or Techno – then you like the same music as me. And you should definitely listen to the bangers I have on my Soundcloud account – I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

There's some filthy mixes over there.

Go ahead, they'll please your eardrums - listen to the filth.

SO with that all being said, and after you find the bangers on my Soundcloud, here are the three reasons to delete Instagram.

Free up More Time to Pursue The Things Which, Matter

Do you have an app on your phone that shows you how much time you spend on your phone every day or your “screen time”?

If you don’t, you should.

Look at how much time you waste looking at pictures of other people on Instagram.

I get it, it’s addicting. Instagram is a business, and they're really good at keeping us on their platform for as long as possible.

You could just be checking to see what’s new in your friends' lives. But if you’re spending more than 20 minutes of your day on Instagram, you need to really evaluate where your time could be better spent. 

A lot of the time why we procrastinate or don’t do the things which we say we will do is because we make the excuse “I don’t have time” – how much time in your day do you think you’ll be able to free up by deleting Instagram?

Even if you don’t know what your goals are in life (yet), by deleting Instagram and not picking up your phone every 5 minutes, you’ll begin to focus your attention on other things which could turn out to really benefit you.

For example, when I got the urge to pick up my phone and scroll through Instagram after deleting it, I went through my emails instead and checked if there was anything I could respond to or get sorted out.

I checked my calendar, I planned my week ahead, I cleaned my cupboards – you’ll be amazed at how you start doing the things which you have been putting off now that you’ve freed up more time in your life.

You will also start allocating time to people who you might have been ignoring or not paying attention to before.

That Whatsapp message you haven’t read or responded to yet?

Yep, you have the time to respond now. 

You have the time now to check-in with your friends and see how they’re doing, instead of checking it through Instagram.

You have the time now to check-in with your family and spend quality time with them – something which I think is so underrated.

Our family is so important.

Make the time to spend quality time with them and actually be there, present, listening to how your mom is doing, listening to how your brother’s finding his schoolwork, listening to what’s new in your sister’s life.

You can’t put a price on family and time.

Is there maybe a hobby you really enjoy doing that you’ve been putting off?

Great, now that you’ve deleted Instagram, you have the time to pursue it.

If it brings you joy, stop putting it off any longer – whether it’s a hobby or passion which will bring you money by pursuing it or not, if you enjoy it and it makes you happy, do it.  

Haven’t been for a walk/run/hike in forever?

Do it now.

You’ve freed up the time, go be in nature and get some exercise. Both will do your mind and body wonders.

Get Focused

Not comparing yourself to other people constantly every day on Instagram will allow you to get focused on your own life.

Comparison kills.

We’re all on our own journey’s and you cannot compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Take the time you’ve just freed up in your life and sit down and get focused as to where you want to be. Where do you see yourself?

Define the steps to get there.

I know it’s overwhelming and scary to think about the future sometimes, but sitting around hoping things will fall in your lap is not going to get you anywhere.

Get focused, define where you want to be, and list the steps that will get you there.

Take it one step at a time. Even if you only define the first step.

Getting focused will also decrease your desire to have what others have.

You’ll begin to focus on yourself more which in turn will start making you grateful for what you already have.

You’ll begin to figure out what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at.

You’ll begin inspecting yourself and focusing on your own personal growth and what’s beneficial for you, not what other people think is beneficial to you or how “great” their life is compared to yours.

Be More Present in The Moment

Have you ever experienced truly appreciating a moment for what it is? Instead of taking your phone out to capture the moment?

What do I mean by this? I mean, all we have right now is this moment – we don’t live in the future, we don’t live in the past, we don’t live in 10 minutes from now.

We live right now, at this very moment. 

Don’t let it go to waste by being distracted by unimportant things.

Stand outside, breathe in the fresh air, look at the trees, listen to the birds chirping, enjoy the movement of the clouds.

Just enjoy it. Life is beautiful.

You can only see the beauty if you take the time to enjoy every moment for what it is.

So, deleting Instagram is a step in the right direction if you want more presence, in every moment.

If you want to learn more about being present, or just living a more enlightened life dissociated from your thoughts which do not define you, then a great book to read is The Power of Now. I would highly recommend investing in a copy.

As always I hope this helps and adds value to your life. If you've made it all the way to the end and enjoyed what you've read, then be sure to subscribe for more quality free content only available to subscribers.

I would love to hear from and hear what you think in the comments below. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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