5 Questions To Help Pinpoint Your Goal So You Can Nail It

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Can you answer these questions?

  1. Where am I headed?
  2. What is my goal?
  3. Have I visualized just what it is that I really want?
  4. If success is measured in terms of wealth, can I fix an amount in specific figures?
  5. If in terms of achievement, can I specify it definitely?

Most people have a general idea that they would like to be a success but beyond that everything is vague.  They merely go along from day to day figuring that if they have a job today they will have it tomorrow.  

undefinedVague goals will get you vague results.

Those who cannot pinpoint specific goals are “like a cork on the water floating aimlessly, drawn this way and that by various currents, and either being washed up on the shore, or becoming waterloggedand eventually sinking.” – Claude Bristol


Imagine what your life would look like if you had the financial freedom to quit your 9 to 5 job, travel, own a home, a new car.  To treat your besties to a lovely dinner out or give financial aid to an important person in your life who may be struggling.

Imagine having the time freedom to become more physically present in the lives of your children and/or grandchildren.  Time to travel to those places you've always dreamed of.  Why not?

My family is spread out across the US.  I miss them terribly and it pains me that the littlest ones are growing up so fast and I’m missing most of it.  So a specific goal of mine is as follows:

I will treat my entire family of 21 (so far) to a reunion week at Disney World in Florida.  I will manifest $15,000 to pay for travel expenses, housing and entertainment, including Disney World Passes.  And this should all happen by Sept 21st of 2019 (first day of Fall).  

I'm making a vision board with images of the plane tickets, the rental house, Disney World, Florida beaches, and family photos, as well as 15-$1000 bills.

It is the desire for something new and different or better that will cause you to make the extra effort and you have to believe it.  Believe in your ability and believe that the universe has your back.

You must have an all-consuming desire to achieve your goals.

Here is an exerpt from “The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol;

“Meditate over this for a few minutes and then realize what it means to you:  Thought creates after its kind, thought correlates with its object, thought attracts that upon which it is directed… Recall that it was Job from the Bible who said, ‘For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.’  Our fear thoughts are just as creative or just as magnetic in attracting troubles to us as are the constructive and positive thoughts in attracting positive results.  So no matter what the character of the thought, it does create after its kind.  When this sinks into a man’s {or woman’s} consciousness, {s}he gets some inkling of the awe-inspiring power which is his{hers} to use.”

He continues to say that thoughts are “comparable to the wave length and wattage of a radio station, thoughts have a creative or controlling force in the EXACT RATIO OF THEIR CONSTANCY, INTENSITY, AND POWER.”

So lets look at those questions again;

Where am I headed?
What is my goal?
Have I visualized just what it is that I really want?
If success is measured in terms of wealth, can I fix an amount in specific figures?
If in terms of achievement, can I specify it definitely?  

What is it that you desire?  Be specific.  Be relentless.  Think about it continuously, intensely, and with specificity.  Write it down.  Create your own vision board and look at it every day.  Say it out loud.  Take consistent action toward making it happen.

You. Are. Powerful. undefined

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