5 Reasons to leave your corporate life and follow your dreams to have a more fulfilled ​life.

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The corporate world has become extremely "Dog Eat Dog", and if you are not stepping on heads to get to where you want to go, then you may be the one being stepped on. This is something we have experienced time and again over the last 10 years, unfortunately. The corporate world has always been a cutthroat sector, and many of us find ourselves with increased anxiety and mental illness in the workplace and we end up taking it home with us too.

Now some of us never intended to throw ourselves into the corporate world and then there are some who have always dreamt of climbing the corporate ladder. I think there are a lot of people out there that have kind of fallen into the corporate world, not through choice but maybe outside pressure like family members or society, maybe you think it's where all the big bucks are made and are hoping to get a piece of the pie, or just maybe it's because you needed a job at the time to pay the bills and that you have family responsibilities to oversee. Whatever the reason, you become trapped in the corporate rat race and eventually just go with the flow, almost forgetting to pursue the dreams and passions you once had for a career that you could love. They become a distant memory and eventually regret.

"No regrets. No looking back. Just hold onto life and move forward. We have no way of knowing what lies ahead…and that is what makes the journey even more exciting." - Susan Gale

We went through a bad patch in early 2018 that brought anxiety and mental illness into our lives, and it caused us to re-assess our lives and look deep within ourselves to find a new path that would light a new way. Something had to change!

If you want to follow your dream and give up your corporate business position, it is important to remain motivated and committed to making positive changes in your life.

Here are our 5 reasons to consider leaving your corporate life behind and start a new adventure:

1. You No Longer Feel Fulfilled!
Do you ever wake up some days with that knot in your gut and no motivation or desire to go into the office, that lack of fulfilment?

This is more likely to be a sign that it's time for a change in your life, whether it be changing your career path for a better opportunity or just simply moving roles within your current company.

When you are serious about following your dream and living a more fulfilling life, consider your skills and the type of industry that appeals to you most. While it is not always easy to leave a steady and stable position, it leads to a much more rewarding outcome if you are willing to remain committed and dedicated to your passion and making the necessary changes in your everyday life.

It is true that not all jobs provide complete happiness and constant satisfaction. However, when you choose to follow your dream, you regain control over your life and future destiny. Choosing to follow your dream is a way to open the door to more opportunities both professionally and personally. When you follow your dream, obstacles begin to feel like challenges that you are interested in taking on, not forced to handle as a daily responsibility. Once you begin working towards your goal of following your dream, release the burden of working for a corporate company as you take the pilot seat.

2. The Rise of Anxiety and Mental Illness!
Anxiety and mental illness impact millions of individuals and families around the world each year. When it hit us it hit us like a ton of bricks! It's an illness that has been differentiated from a physical one, such as heart disease and asthma, but society still fails to recognise Mental illness as a physical unseen wound. It is still a bit of a stigma in the workplace and not really talked about openly and honestly. The attitudes within our society have put physical illness above mental illness, as it's seen as more acceptable, it gains more support and sympathy from many people. However, with mental illness, due to the lack of understanding or the inability to ‘rationalise’ the illness without visible facts, it often creates a label of ‘abnormality’ of a person, simply due to ignorance.

The corporate world puts so much unnecessary pressure on individuals, like hitting timescales, promotions that lead to more responsibilities, office politics, lack of training or managerial support and often they forget what unseen pressures their employees may have in their personal home lives. When these two worlds collide, "Business life and Personal life", is it a recipe for disaster?

“If you can't fly then run if you can't run then walk if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." - Martin Luther King Jr.

When you have struggled with anxiety and mental illness, freeing yourself from corporate standards and responsibilities can greatly reduce the symptoms you experience each day. Once you are able to follow your dream, facing your anxiety and mental illness head-on becomes much more viable. Alleviating stress, anxiety, and that feeling of being overwhelmed is extremely important to preserve your mental health.

3. You Want to Spend More Time with Family and Loved Ones.
We all know how much time we spend at work, but when you start missing out on precious moments then it’s time to re-assess and really think about what makes you happy. Missing out on moments watching our daughter grow up was a huge influence on deciding we wanted to leave the corporate sector. Having the ability to remain flexible without missing out on special and memorable moments in life helps to minimize anxiety and mental illness while providing you with a more positive outlook on life altogether.

Here is an example of how much more time we may spend at work than with our loved ones. These are not accurate figures, but it does give you an idea of how we lose sight of what’s most important in this life we have.

Say we work in the corporate sector for a mid-sized company, for a time of 10 years = 3650 days

Now let's break it down….

365 days in the year
120 days being weekends
An average of 25 days is annual leave.
Leaving us with a total of 220 working days
We average that over 10-years = 2200 days / 6years 3 months working, leaving us 1450 days / 3years 9months with family. That’s not taking into account any overtime and working weekends we may have done.

I challenge you to work out the amount of time you have spent working and how much time and special moments you have missed out on with the family!

Happy young family spending time together outside in green nature.
Spending time with family members, friends, and loved ones is extremely important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle unless of course, they are the ones causing you anxiety!! Visit a local therapist or counsellor to minimize anxiety and panic attacks while facing any mental illness you have been diagnosed with head-on. Working with a professional is a great way to discover the best methods to preserve your mental health while pushing forward with your future business plans. Feeling positive and motivated is essential when you have plans to pursue your own business and financial freedom. When you free yourself from traditional corporate responsibilities, you gain more time to focus on rebuilding your mental health.

4. You Have More Potential.
One of the downfalls of working for corporate business is often the inability to move up or to reach your full potential. If you have untapped skills and abilities but no outlet in which to use them, leaving the corporate business world behind is often the only resolution available. While it may feel overwhelming and stressful to consider leaving your corporate business position, it can be extremely rewarding to venture out on your own while dabbling in an industry that brings you more satisfaction and fulfilment. Consider the type of work you are most interested in based on your education, skills, and personal interests. Are you thinking of launching your own website, blog, or podcast? What type of career sounds most fulfilling and viable to you based on your current interests and the type of abilities you have personally? Create a plan of action once you begin to move forward with your dream--including a business plan and a funding plan. Attend networking events to get to know other professionals who are located near you and also involved in the markets and industries you prefer. Work together to connect with professionals who are interested in assisting you, partnering up with you, or providing the funding you require to get your dream business off of the ground. With the right professional connections, you can begin building your dream while walking away from a position that is no longer a source of joy or fulfilment to you.

5. You Want to Make a Name for Yourself.
Feeling stuck in the rat race is extremely draining and soul-sucking for millions of unsatisfied individuals working full-time. Once you have made the decision to follow your dreams and pursue a better future and life for yourself, consider how you want to be remembered. Making a name for yourself is possible by excelling in the industry of your choice while also remaining creative and innovative in the process. Whether you are interested in creating a secure lifestyle for your family or if you want to build onto your family's legacy, making a name for yourself is only possible once you make the decision to cut ties with the corporate 9-5 lifestyle. Choosing to follow your dream is the first step to take when you want to truly feel free from restrictions and the responsibilities that your previous corporate positions required of you. Although following your ideal dream is not always easy and often requires plenty of hard work and dedication, you are rewarded with financial security, freedom, and complete flexibility once you have achieved success. Making a name for yourself is not always possible overnight, but with enough hard work, it is possible to leave your mark while living a happier and more rewarding life. Knowing how to follow your dream and leave the corporate business world behind is extremely important when you are ready for a change. Facing the anxiety and mental illness you struggle with while saying goodbye to the corporate business lifestyle is a way to regain control over your life while making the most out of your future.

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