5 steps to Re-discover the happy You!

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      Returning to your true self is where the magic begins.undefined



                     Who knows you better than you? Do you feel understood? 

                  "When someone feels understood...something magical happens."

                           (A wise leader taught me this-Justin Woolf)

Let's begin with understanding how to dust the corners of your soul and clear the way to live life with ease and flow.
*The real magic begins when YOU find your way back to understanding your true nature/self.
                                     This I have found will give you a feeling of coming home.

               I can help you get there.❤️


Start here:

Rate your Natural Organic Fitness level from 1-5 (1 being the least true and 5 being the closest to being true)

1. Most days I feel stuck and without energy?

2. I struggle with knowing what steps to take to make a positive shift when feeling out of sorts, and by the way, my neck muscles are so tight they feel glued to my shoulder blades at times.

3. I have internal resistance because I long for living the life of my dreams and yet feel utterly unfulfilled and live robotically.

4. I feel pressured to please other people.

5. I regularly listen and trust my intuitive guidance, but traditional ways of society block me from following this prodding.

~If your answers scored 1- 2 (least true) congratulations you have reached a state of understanding. Please continue for further Knowing.

~If you scored 3-5 (most accurate) on most questions then you are precisely where you need to be to hear this.

Natural Organic Fitness- What is this you ask yourself?

It is your natural way your body helps itself in the most organic way called homeostasis. If only we would stay calm, cool and relaxed and let life flow through us, then everything good would flow to us. Sometimes...we just get in our own way. I am on a mission to teach the world how to open their body and allow energy to move so that life can be easy, pain-free and to naturally be organically fit. It is tuning in and learning how your body can open physically, mindfully, and emotionally. 🤗

Physically: We are designed to have movement; to allow all of our muscles to relax and to be elastic like so that fresh blood, and other fluids, can flow like rivers in constant motion on a mission. 

Mindfully: When we think thoughts and thoughts turn into emotion, there is a physical and chemical reaction that happens within our body. Our bodies are a result of what our inner chatter is saying. How we interact with others can play a big part in how our body responds. Being mindful of your thoughts is very important to living a healthy life. 

Emotionally: Positive emotions bring good flow (energy flow) to help your body take care of itself and aligns energy movement to tackle anything (I mean anything) that comes its way.

Negative emotions lead to contraction (tightness/roadblocks or dams in our river) in the body. What happens when rivers become stagnant? Bacteria grows and becomes the breeding ground for disease. Pain is your body's alarm system.  Have you ever noticed that negative people have more pain and disease in their bodies? This is really a simple concept and no coincidence.

Now knowing how to return to this state of flow is so basic that it sometimes seems complicated. Sometimes in life, we overcomplicate things. It is like having all these magical tools and not knowing how to use them. Let's learn how. Get your body, mind, and spirit back to what you were initially intended to be.

For you to finally feel like you can be limitless and abundant, you first need to be able to use what your momma gave you! I am not talking about the learned rules, I am referring to what is naturally given to you at birth (our true spirit and soul). Learn how to get back to the path you originated from and make a positive impact in your life as well as in the world. You must first free yourself to help others. 

Once you free yourself, you may choose to join the globally growing trend of others spreading positivity and love throughout the world. I am so happy to be a part of this movement, and I welcome you to join in.

Let me help you find your way. 

When you were born, you had this innate knowing, this understanding of how to flow through your intuitive guidance. This was when you were fully connected to your intuitive energy. Have you ever noticed how babies are always naturally joyful and curious?  As we learn how society lives, and the rules that govern us, we quit following our natural guidance. When this happens your life light diminishes, and we just follow like sheep along a path (but our intuition is always there, just stuffed within your soul).

We all have the natural ability to live life in a state of limitless. You can bend reality by tuning into your true self. When you do this, you live through inspiration that guides you -“LISTEN.” Do you agree that the majority of people are reaching for a change?

Check out this video for a deeper understanding of  How to Defy Convention and Become truly limitless in life youtube by Vishen Lakhiani Vishen is the founder of Mind Valley where great leaders clearly help you discover how to push yourself and humanity forward. 

In my experience, physical healing came quicker by first addressing the emotional healing. What would you think if I could give you a simple 10-minute daily routine to clear the way to a healthier more natural you? 

This is your morning ritual that will set the tone for the day. 

1. Meditate on your dreams/vision of where you want to be in life. 

”If you can picture it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." Bob Proctor.

Meditation allows you to connect to your deeper self. How you start, your morning will determine how your day unfolds. Don’t be pulled around by others energy, fuel up and follow your inspiration. 

2. Balance your energy- Do Lori's 5-10-minute, 6 energy exercise routine by Donna Eden for balancing your energies and deflecting negative energy as the day goes on.

3. Sharpen your Brain and body-Fill your body with a nutritional smoothie. Click this link for a Brain sharpening smoothie by Jim Kwik.

4. Listening to a positive video is how you can invest in yourself while getting ready or on your way to work. 

5. Learn-Do-Teach Spend time lifting another person every day.

Learn something new every day and share it with someone.

Build yourself (it is not selfish)

Take action steps toward the inspiration you receive and teach others how to do the same.

Dalia Lama states "If you want to be Happy? Learn to make others Happy!"

I welcome you to go through these 5 steps even at night if you feel drained or just need a boost.  Do this for ten days. Then retake the Natural Organic fitness test and share with me about your changes.

For continued guidance, you can contact me personally to set up a one on one session lori@lori-paoletti.com


Always dedicated to your success,



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