6 Answers To Your Motivation Excuses.

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I used to think that I needed other people to motivate me. Not so true.

If we want more motivation in our lives, we must make clearer choices and more deeply commit to them.

Can it be so simple? Yes, to some degree.

Psychologically, motivation is sparked by the energy created by ambition and expectancy.  Ambition is the choice to be, have, do, or experience something greater in our lives.

As soon as we want something greater for ourselves, our motivation is sparked.  Do we want a better job? A better home? A better marriage? A better life? The higher the desire we feel, the higher the initial sense of motivation we feel.

Unfortunately though, motivation only sticks around if we are truly committed to making whatever we want, happen.


6 Answers to your Motivation Excuses - I came across these in a book I was reading recently:


They say, “I am waiting for something or someone to motivate me”

We say: Motivation is summoned only from within.


They say, “I do not feel motivated; I’m just not a motivated person”

We say: Motivation is not an impulse of the body or a personality trait; it is an intention and will of a free and conscious mind.


They say, “I’ll get more motivation and work harder when my job gives me more pay, autonomy, and responsibility”

We say: If you have not chosen to be motivated before, that is why you do not have more pay, autonomy and responsibility.  Effort gives you motivation, and motivation gives you reward.


They say, “The people around me keep killing my motivation”

We say: You are choosing the people around you, but, regardless, motivation is of your own will and volition - it is imperishable and cannot be granted, diminished, or killed by others. It exists within you because you want it to. The birth, life and death of each day’s motivation and subject to your own direction.


They say, “Well, I haven’t had any major life experiences that have motivated me, like a lucky break or a life event that made me find my purpose”

We say: Purpose does not strike as a lucky lightning bolt of inspiration. Motivation and purpose are choices. The only thing needed to spark motivation is a decision to heighten your ambition and expectancy - to sit down, think about what you desire, and believe you can go get it. To keep that motivation, you must give constant attention and effort.


They say, “Sometimes I just feel lazy”

We say: Then choose to feel something else. Laziness is a choice just as any other feeling can be a choice. Understand that life is short, and that choosing laziness for the long-term will lead to a life that is slave to impulse and littered wiht regrets. Only in choosing to energise yourself will you finally go out into the world, discover who you are, grow, actualise your dreams, and become free and great.


In reading this I thought of all the times I said some of those exact things, those excuses to myself and to others. I not longer say any of these things. If I’m feeling a bit low I’ll re-visit my goals and dreams to remind myself why I made the choice to put in the effort to achieve them.

Do any of these sound like something you’ve said in the past? Or perhaps even today?

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