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What your hairdresser may have never told you

Hello, dear readers!

For those of you who are used to my style, this will be a bit of a surprise as it is the first time I'm blogging on hair and beauty. I do not go to the hairdresser's every week but whenever I go, I am quite picky and only go to professionals. I find some of the tips they gave me really helpful and decided to share them with you.

True, I am curious by nature but not about somebody else's life, so I get bored with the yellow press 60 seconds after I've been handed the pile of magazines by the assistant. Who married who and who of the famous has put wait and caught on a beach in a swimsuit, or without it, is frankly not my business. So I choose option two, which is talking to the hairdresser. Luckily they are almost all good conversationalists. Could they choose to be otherwise given the type of their profession?!  

1. Never wash your hair with very hot water.

This is my piece of advice Number One as it is very likely no one told you about it. The hair has a lot to do with vegetation. Try to wash a lettuce with hot water... Hugh!! What would be the result? Maybe using cold water would be too radical, but try to keep it cool to warm, never hot.

2. Do not wash out the shampoo immediately.

This is probably the most common mistake we all do. And it is because the shampoo producers do not speak about that, nor is it written in the indications. Always leave the shampoo act for several minutes, then rinse thoroughly and very carefully. Have into account that your hair is much more vulnerable and fragile while being wet. Remember that when you brush or style it after.

3. How to massage

For oily hair massage the shampoo gently, if you do it very strongly, that will open the pores and your hair will get greasy sooner than usual. On the other hand, energising massage would be great for dry roots. 

4. Shampooing everyday

Air pollution and sweating summertime as well as going to the gym or practising any activity make us wash our hair with more often. If that is 3 to 4 times a week it´s OK. But don´t wash it every day as it is not only the shampoo that will dry it and the skin of your scalp but also the chlorine in the water, especially if the area you live in the water is hard.

I would recommend shampoos for everyday use with the highest percentage of natural ingredients that you can find on the market. 

5. If you are fond of highlights...

Highlights are used to lighten up the colour of your hair and give it a fresh look. But it is also a great weapon for hiding white hair. Many of us both dye and bleach highlight, these two procedures are very damaging for the texture of your hair. Consider just highlights without dying if you have a relatively thick hair and do not have a lot of white hairs.

On the other hand, highlights are not very suitable for thin hair as it is easily damaged. If you decide to go for it anyway, be very careful with the time you bleach it as you can easily ruin it all.  Use hydrating cosmetics after like those which include keratin, even abuse them and if your hair is seriously damaged consider even cutting it.

6. Wash the comb every time you shower. 

It is important to keep personal hair hygiene. This includes washing your comb or hairbrush. Do that as often as you can, especially if your hair type is oily or with dandruff. You can do so while you are washing your hair massaging during the minutes you leave in the shampoo act. 

7. For volume use a hairdryer  

This tip is especially useful when your hair is thin. Leaving it dry up in a natural manner is OK unless you want to achieve a volume effect. In this case, turn your head down (looking towards the floor) and dry in the opposite direction you usually comb for one or two minutes. Then put it up again and finish drying your hair while lifting up from the roots. 

8. Do not flat iron

Let flat ironing be only for special occasions! This is probably the easiest way to dry up and damage your hair leaving it lifeless. Use it ONLY in emergency cases like the wedding of your best friend :)


9. Sun, chlorine and salt protection

Most of us are warm weather enthusiasts but summer brings with it also the sun, chlorine and salt, that not only dry our hair, they damage it. 

Use a leave in conditioner before you get into the pool or the sea. It will maintain the hair hydrated and will not absorb more water with "bad" ingredients.

Another tip is applying an oil, for example, the one you use to easily comb your hair. It will seal the hair, and thus act as a barrier for the damaging substances.

There exists a great variety of cosmetics for hair dedicated on summer care, they are usually easily distinguished by the yellow colour, same as all skin summer protection lines. You can easily find shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave in conditioners and oils in specialised shops or pharmacies. I love using them all especially during these summer months.

Enjoy the rest of your summer taking care of your hair and do not forget to leave a comment to let me know which of these tips are your favourite. 

With blogging love,

Diana Christova

passionate blogger at breakmystatusquo.com


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