90 Day Lifestyle Challenge - 5 tips to help you succeed

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A 90 Day Challenge can transform your life- here are 5 tips to help you crush your goals!

undefinedHave you decided to participate in a 90-day challenge and looking for tips and tricks to succeed? Well, JoAnne here and I'm excited today to share that our amazing community is hosting a 90-day lifestyle challenge starting today and as I prepare, I have compiled these five tips on strategies that I plan to use to set myself up for success in this 90-day transformation challenge.

Before I share these 5 tips, I want to briefly share what our 90-day lifestyle challenge is about and why it differs from the one you may be doing, thinking of doing or have participated in the past. Are you like me where you mostly see these 90-day challenges in relation to weight loss or health and physical transformation?

Well, although our challenge has an element of health, each person who participates is being challenged to create goals in 3 key areas of their life: Health, Personal and Business. We create a small private accountability facebook group and each person had to pledge an amount that they would forfeit if they did not complete the 90-day challenge successfully. Check out my short video below that I did as I shared how I set my smart goals for this challenge:

Okay, so here are the five tips from the strategies that I plan to use:

1)Set yourself up for success in your 90-day challenge: Leverage Technology

We live in the digital ages so use the tools available to you to make it easier for you to complete your task. There are many free apps available to help you be it reminders, tracking results or apps to actually help you accomplish the actual goal.

what is the 90 day challengeFor example, I want to meditate at least 5 times a week during this 90-day challenge and so I searched for and found a free app called Simple Habit with a variety of meditations (free and paid) that also records how much time I meditated daily so I could take that snapshot as proof of me achieving my goal.

2) Crush your goals in your 90-day challenge: Plan

Planning will be the key to your success in your 90-day challengeHave you heard the statement: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."? Well, it's a well-known statement for a purpose so take some time to plan out your next 90 days, look at upcoming commitments on your calendar and see how you get your tasks completed and or if your goals need to be modified because of these commitments. Consider how much time you will need to complete a larger goal and break it down into milestone goals for your 90 days.

3) Surround yourself with the right people

undefinedAs part of our preparation for the challenge, our community held a special wake-up call to clarify the requirements and answer questions. During the wake-up call, Justin highlighted the importance of getting a crew. Unlike a team, a crew is a group of people working together where each person is just as critical to the successful achievement of a goal.

Along those lines, I want to encourage you to really look at who you have around you, holding you accountable and cheering you on. Ensure you communicate the challenge to your family and relatives. If you have children, get them involved, consider establishing rewards that encourage them to enable you to achieve your goals.

4) Front load your day, week and month

Succeed in your 90-day game plan by front loading your week I am going to tell it to you straight, because, you know as well as I do that procrastination will be the quickest way to fail in such a challenge. Instead, take the opposite tack and do as much as you can to complete your goals for the day, week or month as early as possible. This leaves you time to field curve balls and still make it to the finish line or to reap the benefits from going the extra mile.

5) To start is better than Stop. Finish is better than the start. Done is better than perfect.

Win in your 90-day challenge by taking massive action

If there is any final advice that I want to share with you as one that I will keep in my mind as I work through this challenge it's the above sentences. Know that at the beginning, especially with new habits, it will be messy and it won't be perfect. Do it anyway. Do it, review it, then, improve it and keep going. Just repeat to yourself particularly in the first 20 to 30 days of the challenge: Start is better than Stop. Finish is better than a start. Done is better than perfect.

So those are my 5 tips to help you truly transform yourself through your 90-day challenge. Feel free to drop a comment below with any advice or reflections you want to share with me and other readers.

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To your success


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

p.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you a 5 solid tips to succeed in your 90-day challenge, comment below with your favourite or perhaps one that you discovered above that you have now subscribed to doing.

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