Beyond the black cloud.

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I woke up it was 2009 living alone in a rented 1 bedroom place. I had a feeling of being in a massive black cloud thinking what the hell has happened! Recently divorced and away from my children. And the loss of my mum 2 years ago...

Things really could not be worse, i had hit the rock bottom i spent days staring into space not leaving the house, not knowing what to do. I was totally depressed. Also having the pain of a abusive childhood and spending part of it in a children home. 


Yes i am here to tell the story, for all who have been down this road and for those on this road for whatever reason or circumstance. All stories are relevant.

Circumstances and situations that were happening to me was masive, but on reflection and by contemplating this over time, there was a bigger picture, there was this thing eating away at me inside and for years i couldn't put my finger on it. After reeducating myself via internet research and reading books, the penny dropped.

I was angry and devastated about the way we are conditioned to live our lives on this amazing planet and not only for me but everyone, believing that we have to work day in, day out 24/7 just to pay our taxes and makes ends meet, leaving most of us exhausted, we are in a survival mode not having the energy to dream about our aspirations and goals, so we can live our life on our terms! The wool has been pulled over our eyes from the truth, keeping us small and disconnected.

How is this ? Governments, education system that only serve the cooperation world, fast food, news and media, that keep us in fear.

This new information was a shock and took some time to sink in, I was in the "matrix" i swallowed the Red pill.There was no going back, it was time to take responsibilty for my life on all levels and start living my life on my terms.We do have a choice.


I started to look at some options on how to get out of this black cloud. Thinking back to a few years back when i dabbled in some meditation when i went on a 6 week mindfulness course which was inspired by a chiropractor that i have been seeing for the last 18 years.

I started to look and enquire about meditation retreats which included fasting retreats and the further i dug the more possibilties came to light.

Eight Years Later....My path and what worked for me:

-Vapassana meditation retreats


-Group therapy

-Fasting retreats

-Family constellations

-Body work, Accupunture, massage, chiropractor,kinesiology,craniosacral therapy


Lifestyle changes that i also implemented, remember this is an on going process so firstly be kind to yourself and take one step at a time.

Eating heathy, 50% raw food ,no processed food,smoothies,juices.

No alcohol is the big game changer yet one of the hardest for most including us.

Watching what you mentally digest , television,media.

Regular exercise, yoga,rebounding,walking.


My mission ultimately is to be the best person i can be and to be in service to others.

This alternative journey is an on going practice that will guide you to acheiving the lifestyle and goals you desire.  

We can all have our own unique journey, tailor made to fit in with our current life circumstances.

Through dedication and persistence using some key tools everything is possible allowing you to have the quality of life you desire.

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So much love

Dean and Ania

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