How to Dance your way to Exciting Social Connections and a Spicier Love Life.

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Have you ever heard a good song on the radio and just couldn’t resist moving your hips, stomping your feet or just nodding your head to the music?

  • If Yes? Great, that means you too poses the sense of rhythm and can connect with any other person in the world in an uttermost intimate, passionate and fiery manner. That is if they also share this magical sixth sense as well.
  • If not? Well, read on it’s not too late, there might just still be some hope for you!

The rhythm of life ♪

The same vibrations and rhythm that create music are also responsible for the possibility of life on earth. The world wouldn't and couldn't exist if there wasn't a timing in the background creating and orchestrating the symphony of life. And it’s been scientifically proven. Our bodies are made up out of more than a billion types of cells and organisms, which in their turn are made of a gazillion tiny little atoms, fused together at a molecular level.

And guess what, each and every one of them are dancing together, forming the biggest party on earth right inside of you.

We humans have been making music and dancing for as long as we exist. Anywhere and everywhere remainders of human settlement were found, they found music instruments, beautiful garments and every other thing related to social gatherings. 

These social gatherings we've been having for billions of years are simply imprinted in our DNA.
So am I saying we’re all party animals, no of course not?

But we can’t optimally function without a little bit of it, in my opinion. And why should we live without a little excitement and fun along the way to the gravestone?

And by fun, I mean dancing, yes you heard it, dancing under the stars, or disco lights if that’s more appropriate for you. Point is there is no one other activity you can do together which will give you such a level of connection like dancing. Not even SEX, in fact, sex is a type of dance if you think about it, just not everybody prefers some music in the background.

Dancing is not only one of my passions but one of the most special experiences I can share with someone. Now with dancing, I don’t want you to shift your focus to ballet, hip hop or any of the new age seizure dancing accompanied by the latest trap music. No, what I’m really talking about is Dancing on music you can really feel, a rhythm you can count on for your steps and lyrics which you can easily become a love doctor listening to.

The most prominent dances you should be wanting to learn is Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba. And I intentionally listed them from easy to more complicated as a reference of which I recommend you start with first.

Merengue, for starters, consists of a simple 2 step movement as easy as humping sideways. Dancing and practicing merengue first, will completely open the path to mastering all the other more sensual, diverse and heavily enjoyable dances since it  the foundation of movement you need to master.

I personally started dancing the Merengue about 20 years ago all thanks to my mom and I thank her for giving me one of the most important skills in my arsenal of skill sets. The skill of loving music, people and movement altogether.
Dancing completes me as a person and believe me when I say it will do wonders for you too. Your love life, social life, even your work life will benefit from getting down and dirty (optional) on the dancefloor. The connection you will make with other people is incredible.

For starters, you're staring at each other straight in the face, your noses at 15 centimeters from each other, sweaty palms held together and both of you focusing on getting that first step right on tempo. This feeling of being uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time is like no other.

During dancing you allow someone to come closer than would ever feel normal in any other setting, but this fact alone will also make you super strong at personal interactions over the course of your dance career.

So, to start off I highly recommend you check out some Merengue and Bachata music (mostly in Spanish, because other languages aren’t as powerful) and start getting a feel for it.

Getting to know someone during dancing is like getting a crash course on their feelings, emotions, and energy. I think if most couples had a dance before their wedding night, the world would be a happier place.

 Check out the awesome merengue and bachata music clips I added below for you.

And till next time, who knows we might just bump into each other on the dancefloor, although that would be one weird coincidence.

In one of my next blogs, I'll make sure take a deeper dive in the how to's and what not's of the basic movement! So make sure to stay pending 😄 and don't forget to practice daily!

Merengue Music

Bachata Music

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