Do You Have What It Takes!

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If they can achieve, why can't I? What am I capable of? What is my ceiling? Do I have one? Does anyone?

I never really comprehended the reality of a professional athlete before. Like most, I'd sit in front of the T.V and marvel at the speed, stamina, and strength of an Olympian. Their physique, prowess, the ease with which they performed their chosen field inspired me. Like Gods, they pushed and stretched our definition of what was possible. I never thought otherwise.

Until now.

You see, I'm waking up. If they can achieve, why can't I? What am I capable of? What is my ceiling? Do I have one? Does anyone?

Decades ago I never knew I could write, compose and produce music. Now I do. Decades ago I suffered chronic anxiety, and now I have a mission. A mission I feel passionate about. But things don't just happen. Nothing does. The Olympians didn't just walk into the arena. They trained day to day, for years and years. And that was just to qualify and enter the arena.

You don't have to become an Olympian, but you can become anything you want. The only person you need to convince is you. So the question is, what is stopping you?

Do you walk around with complete conviction that it "can't" happen even before you begin? I just want to know, How do you know? How are you so sure that you can't, instead of the belief that you can? If only we could harness the confidence, we portray in "I can't" toward "I can."

This is the difference between an Olympian and you. Belief.


But Dreams never die, do they? Remember that kid who dreamed? Aspired and imagined? She's still there. Remember all the things you were going to do when you were a child, teenager? Well, he still remembers.

Your dream can be anything. And whatever it is, is what the world can benefit from.

Life doesn't stop just because shit happened; it's still rolling. Isn't it? Just because your shit got in the way that doesn't mean it's over! In fact its the gift you've been waiting for! Your shit is what is in the way. And it's coming up because so that you can grow through it!

There's a champion inside of you. A warrior, in waiting. And when you decide to grow through your pain and face it, is when your journey begins. No one can stop that warrior but YOU. You are the change the world is waiting for!


Begin your transformation today, because, by the time you're kicking back watching the next Olympics, you'll be looking at the champions from a different perspective.

You will know what it took to get there.

- Sotir Ivanovski 

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