Freedom to Stretch

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Stand with your feet hip width apart, that's it. 

Arms above your head as though you're holding a ball in the air.  "Yeah! I can do this". 

Now turn your feet foot to the right, turn your upper body in the same direction.  "Wow, all going so well". 

Stretch forward from the waist with your arms reaching out holding your imaginary ball out with straight arms.  "Incredible!  I really can do this".

Now, lift your left foot off the floor.  "Say whaaaat????"

Yes, that me last night at the first ever yoga class I have attended.  Embracing my Freedom to Stretch!

I am on day 8 of a 30 day challenge with a fabulous online group,, so exercise is mandatory.  My plan is weights (for weight loss) and cardio (to burn energy, calories consumed or fat, preferably both). 

An injury has been plaguing me since the Easter weekend, I won't go into the details, it wasn't gory enough to warrant attention!  What I can say though is that I did enough soft tissue damage to my calf and the side of my shin that it became swollen, inflamed and ultimately blue.  When I attempted exercising, it swelled even more, ached like crazy and the colouring was a very interesting hue of darkish blue / black, so it has been rested for quite some time now.  I digress.

My daughter is an avid yoga lover and asked me to do a class with her.  As you can see above, this is not a part of my training.  Not only that, as a committed Christian, I have reservations about doing yoga - this is not up for debate, just something I feel strongly about.  In the interests of a better relationship with my young adult girl, I ventured into the class, praying all the while. 

Picture this, a woman in her fifties, spinal stenosis in the neck, oesteoarthritus in her thoracic spine, sporting (no pun intended) a torn disc in lower back - wear and tear from an active life.  The neurosurgeon described my back as "impressive" - carrying a heap more weight than I should (hence the 30 day challenge!), absolutely zero experience in the said activity, with spiritual reservations to boot, embarking on an hour's worth of yoga class.  

We started cross legged, to paint the picture further, my quads have never felt as much pain as they have since Friday which was leg day.  Just moving from standing to any seated position is challenging and agonising!  So, sitting cross legged was a huge and painful challenge.  We then breathed through our nostrils - oh thank you, thank you, something I can do! 

From there on it all became a bit of a blur for me - we stretched, downwards, upwards, backwards, sidewards, inwards, outwards - all directions, preparation for a backbend!  Ha!  In my youth I spent more time on my head in headstands and handstands, backbends and cartwheels were my party trick on the beach, right up into my twenties - you understand where the wear and tear comes from now don't you.  In my fifties however, those movements are really all a very distant, albeit happy, memory.

Today I feel pretty amazing - longer in the spine, stronger in the waist and proud that my body managed to stretch and withstand the rigours of a one hour yoga class.  This just proves, we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.  The human body is incredible; rewarding us with flexibility and freedom to stretch, as soon as we give it some love.

So it is with the rest of our lives.  Allow your mind to wander into places you thought you could never go - freedom to enjoy warm, loving, trusting relationships; freedom to live anywhere in the world, time freedom to do what matters to you.  Freedom to Stretch.  Freedom to Embrace Your Calling.

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