Looking to Achieve Financial and Physical Freedom?

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Happy New Year!


How was your New Years like? Have you made a resolution that you are determined to achieve this year? Perhaps, you may not be in the mood for celebrating, and instead may be confronted with issues like health problems or living situations? And can it be that you are desperately looking to generate income online, so that you can work from the comfort of your home or a cafe or somewhere comfortable, freeing you from 9 to 5 working hours and stress?

Then, you and I are on the same page.

I am being reminded over and over, more than ever before, the necessity and importance of being able to make income by utilizing the internet.


No.1 is because the internet is THE go-to place for any kind of business.

No.2 is because the times are turbulent and rapidly changing, and as a result, how the future.

No.3 is because in my case, my health condition, namely sensitivity to multiple chemicals and ultra low frequency vibrations in the environment, prevents me from working with people in public spaces; it also requires me to be in a highly clean, almost clean-room-grade, infrasound-free environment, which is something next to impossible these days.

I moved 50 plus times before I have given up on renting a place, and instead started hotel hopping as a result of process of elimination. I have been "homeless" for five years now, and even hotel rooms are not chemical-free nor infrasound-free.

However, hotel bills are expensive and I had to continue working with people at the expense of my health, resulting in a vicious circle.

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For this reason, I have looked into and decided to create an online business, which enables me to work wherever I feel safe, anytime I choose to work. However, I had no clue as to how I can start up such a business.

So I googled and net-surfed for a while, searching for a program that can teach me how.

I was quite overwhelmed with so many courses and programs out there offering how to start an online business. But as I kept on with my research, I came across an educational program on setting up an online business that stood out of the crowd for its integrity and honesty. It wasn't promising instant results, but emphasized the need for hard work. 

My gut feeling told me that this was it, and so I signed up last year and have been working on content creation and learning the skills to launch an online business. 

Embarrassingly, however, the last blog I wrote was in November last year. And since then, I had been in maximum survival mode; I have had no luck securing a room where I can breathe, rest, and above all, sleep, while I was swamped with work, being exposed to fragrances of fabric softeners, detergents, hair sprays, hand creams, deodorants among other personal care and wash products people use.

Constant exposure to those fragrance chemicals as well as ultra low frequencies that are below 20hz generated by various machineries, such as A/C units, fan motors, hot water boilers and the like, have chronically fatigued and debilitated me, keeping me stuck in a rut. And living like this has become literally unsustainable, impossible. The aggregating circumstance obvisously is another strong reminder, a kick in my butt to get moving.

Start A Business Online To Achieve Financial and Physical Freedom

So my resolution, this year again, is to keep on working at it, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how difficult it seems being a homeless.

If you are like me, in need of an alternative and sustainable way to earn a living because of your health situations or other circumstances, and want to learn how to get started, check out how I got started. You may resonate with this, too.


Anyways, I wish you a brilliant new year and sincerely hope that you accomplish ygoals and dreams become true!

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