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If you were to ask a random group of people on the street which of their senses was the most crucial to them, the majority would undoubtedly key in on the importance of vision. Appreciating the beauty that the world has to offer as well as using their eyes to communicate a full array of emotions are highly compelling reasons for this point of view. But before you cast your own vote towards the sense of sight, consider how sound, and more specifically your personal Frequency, has been an integral part of your life since its very start.



For it is sound that babies first respond to when they are in the womb. The steady thump of your mother’s heartbeat combined with the swishing sounds of your watery world both soothed and stimulated you. After you underwent the Transformation of the birth experience, you were greeted by a cacophony of voices, mechanical clicks and growls, music, nature sounds and so much more. Indeed, it was all of these stimuli that, in concert with what you saw and touched and smelled, were the catalysts for your growth and development.



The phenomenon of sound does not only move in one direction, i.e. from the outside world toward you. In fact, you yourself create and sustain your own unique personal Frequency that people subconsciously read and interpret. Have you ever walked up to a person and without even exchanging a single word, you already know that she is joyful and positive? From the way she carries herself to her unique style, she exudes a sense of being comfortable in her own skin and eager to embrace the positive Energy in other people. Although you may not have realized it, she is putting out this positive, Freedom affirming Energy through her subtle vibrations. Simply through the Law of Attraction, you find yourself wanting to get to know her better and remain in her presence.



You might be thinking that you have always desired to become someone like the fictional girl we just described, a person who attracts Happy and positive people and who gets the things she wants, both material and spiritual, because of her self Realisation. Believe it or not, setting this goal is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to the people around you.



Although it might sound abstract and even gimmicky, Transformation of your personal vibrations is neither new-fangled nor is it something out of a carnival sideshow. In reality, the process involves nothing more dramatic than getting yourself into new habits and working hard to maintain them until they become an intrinsic part of you.



Let’s use an example. When you were a child, you might have resisted your mother’s constant naggings to brush your teeth. If left to your own devices, you would have probably gone for days without doing it. However, because of your parents’ insistence – which often meant someone actually standing over you and watching you apply the toothpaste and thoroughly brushing – the task eventually became routine. Now you probably do it two or three times a day without even thinking about it.



If you want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, the process is no different than your long-ago toothbrushing experience although the tools you now use will be different. Getting into the habit of personal high vibrations involves practices that can help to build the foundations on which a lifetime of healthy interactions and self Realization will be built. To get started on this journey, take time to reflect on the following questions:



• What is your happy place? In other words, what calms you and helps you find peace? It might be a location, an activity or even thinking of a particular person.



• What time of day is best for you to carve out at least 15 minutes for yourself every day without fail?



• Are you open to spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation or journaling to help you along your journey of self-discovery?



• Think of any writers, teachers, clergy or friends whose written or spoken words can guide you in your newfound practice.



Now that you have the beginnings of a trail blazed, it is your challenge and your privilege to begin walking. Conduct your practice each day without fail in the knowledge that doing so will build positive pathways and helpful habits that will aid you as you boost your vibration ever higher. When distractions come – and they inevitably will – simply acknowledge them and move forward. Let any feelings of discouragement, fear, frustration or anger wash over you and away like an incoming ocean wave.



As you become stronger in your practice, you might encounter several reactions among your friends and acquaintances. Positive, life-affirming people will sense your transformation and upbeat energy and will celebrate with you. By the same token, the unhappy naysayers may openly attack what you are doing. These are the individuals who want nothing more than to bring you down, back to their world of negativity and misery.



Through your daily work of affirmations, meditation, prayer, reading or other rituals, you will gradually Transform from the frightened, cynical or hesitant person you once were into a beacon of positivity and warmth that attracts like-minded people. When adversity and challenges come your way, you will now have the Freedom, spiritual understanding and strength to accept them, address them and put them behind you. For that is what someone who is exuding positive vibrations is able to do. Just don’t be surprised if people often ask you how you could possibly be so “spiritual” and happy even in the midst of the most daunting challenges.

Consistently Repeated Daily Actions will lift your Frequency.

Dean & Ania.








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