Rome Was Not Built In A Day. Likewise, MCS Cannot Be Conquered Overnight

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Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, MCS cannot be conquered overnight.

And yet, I have jumped the gun and was being over-optimistic; I dared to take on interpretation assignments for four days in a row, something that I hadn’t done in more than a year.

Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditation, I have been feeling more resilient to disruptive smells in the environment of late, and I thought I can pull it off.

Furthermore, I had completely forgotten about how it was like to be confined in a conference room, within proximity to those smelling like fabric softeners, detergents, hair spray among other scented products.

The Assignment

Day 1 was a half-day assignment, so I thought that it was going to be a walk in the park. But it wasn’t. One of us three interpreters turned out to be a scent-emitter, and my throat got clogged up and coarse from interpreting, while sitting next to her throughout the duration.

Throat inflamed by exposure to chemical smell

The bar was raised the second day; The assignment ran for 9 hours in a conference room attended by thirty plus people. At least half of them were scented-product users, and with the built-in, unopenable windows, the space was literally a sustained-release gas chamber.

The condition of the room intensified on Day 3. One of three interpreters assigned for this day happened to be a “walking air freshener diffuser.” Whenever she moved, took her jacket off, turned around, passed by, I swear I felt like a cockroach running for life, while being constantly sprayed with insecticide at point blank, only that I couldn’t run away but had to be next to her all day long. 

At the end of Day 3, my taste buds were burning and numb, and the fringe and the surface of my tongue were laced with blisters and canker sores. My airway as well as nostrils felt as though burned by acid.

I guess it is unnecessary to describe how it was on Day 4, given the fact thatthe very colleague who wore something disruptive to the senses, particularly to the olfactory, was there again.

The Aftermath

My eyes were matted together with pus formed as a result of the exposure, and became blurry. I felt dull and heavy from brain fog, and my respiratory system as well as my ENT were on the brink of going kaput. 

What’s more, the repercussions post-completion continue to linger; my tongue as well as my breathe taste like her air freshener, and I am compelled to literally ruminate the unpleasant, toxic sensation. 

Ruminating nauseating taste and smell

When I woke up this morning, I felt like lead, heavy and stagnant and tired. The volume and texture of the mucus formed on my tongue were outrageous. The flow of air was constricted because of the clog-up.

And Yet Some Progress

My usual reaction towards my condition would have been to remain frustrated and irritated for the remainder of the day, thinking and feeling those detrimental thoughts and feelings over and over again.

However, after learning to be conscious and aware of unconscious thoughts and feelings that repeat themselves inside me, I have been able to detach myself from situations and conditions and observe what is going on, without being caught up in them.

This detachment seems to be playing a big role in keeping myself grounded and staying away from identifying with offensive symptoms and emotions.

I’d like to journal the development in my next blog.

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