Stretch your muscles and clear your mind

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Stretch your muscles and clear your mind

Recently I was talking with a good friend of mine. Because of the Fibromyalgia, she lives with constant pains true her whole body. She told me that she was following yoga lessons for a while and that she has less pain now by keeping her body In motion. Instead of taking more rest, she kept moving. Not only is it good for her body, also for her mind. She’s more at rest, at peace with herself.

She knows me for a very long time so of course, she also knows that I’m a thinker and that I can’t shut off my mind. That’s why she advised me to also take the yoga lessons. At first, I was very sceptical because as many of us think it’s a woman’s thing and especially for those who are very agile. To talk that preconception out of my head, she explained that all kinds of people are doing this. Man, woman, old, young, agile and wooden boards. It does not matter who you are or what you can or can’t do. It’s about doing it at your own pace and limits. Stretch your muscles and clear your mind.

After a lot of thinking (that’s what I do best) I decided to join them for a free session of yoga. It wouldn’t harm me and nobody was going to laugh with me if I couldn’t do what they are doing. After checking in I noticed that I wasn’t the only male in the room. Some of the people younger than me, some of them older. As said before, all kinds of people are doing yoga, not only the agile ones. The exercises are explained very well and step by step. I told the instructor of my previous injuries (Discus hernia & torn ligaments) and she would give specific instructions what to do if the exercise would be too difficult for my body so I still could follow her lead and continue the lesson.

After one hour, I realized that it’s all about controlling your breathing, stretching your muscles, listening to your body, feel your body, connect with your inner circle. Shutting out everything around you and let go of every thought. The first lesson was no big success, not with stretching and not with filtering every voice in my mind. But now after a few weeks, it feels much better, in and outside.

Recently I had a very relaxing massage and for the first time in my life, I was very relaxed while receiving and after. Before I was never able to shut down my thoughts. Never thought I could do that. Now I know I should have started practising yoga a long time ago!

Just one more thing. I’m not a very spiritual guy, I don’t say I don’t believe in some things, but I’m not one who would shout from the rooftops that we need to go to higher places etc. But even if you are a non-believer this is something that benefits your life. If you don’t like the standard fitness and sweating stuff, these exercises are a very good replacement. I’m glad I took the step to start.

By being more relaxed and have a better mindset, I’m also able to be more focused on my work. I’m paying more attention to take a few breaks to make sure my mind gets the rest it needs instead of working more than 8 hours continuous. I can get more work done than before and still have a feeling of freedom.

(Photo by bady qb on Unsplash)


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