Transform your Life in 7 Days

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Feeling stuck in a rut happens to many people at some point in their lives. However, a rut can quickly turn into a lifestyle if you don't make changes. You may find yourself pushing off your personal business goals, spending money that you don't have to spare or eating unhealthy foods on a regular basis. These activities can make you feel tired, defeated and worthless. Seeking a transformation involves the willpower to take the first step, and when you decide to do so, you can successfully start on a road to healing in the next week.




When you wake up in the morning, you might immediately think of how unhappy you are not to hold a position at a business you love or how many bills you have to pay today. Thinking in this way impedes upon your confidence and your clarity of thought. Instead, spend five minutes speaking positive affirmations. Repeating the things about yourself that are positive can give you a boost of confidence. Also, by reiterating what your goals are for the day, you can focus on what you can do as opposed to what you cannot. Believing in yourself is part of healing.




You can consider coupling your affirmations with your meditations or doing them separately. In either case, you are giving yourself around five minutes to focus yourself for the day. Meditation helps you to clear your mind so that you can get better clarity in what it is what you want today. Also, it helps you to relax. Starting off the morning in a frenzy might mean that you make mistakes later because you are unfocused or that you feel drained all day long.




Getting into the routine of exercising in the morning might seem cumbersome at first, but it can help you gain the energy to start the business you love or to pursue those hobbies and goals that have sat dormant for so long. Once you start to exercise in the morning, you'll likely enjoy how it feels. Spending even 15 to 20 minutes per day getting in your exercise can provide you with extra energy.  Also, you get to feel accomplished early in the morning, which provides you with extra doses of pride in yourself to charge you up through the rest of the day.

Walking in nature, fitness class, gym, rebounding, swimming, jogging   


Healthy Breakfast

In a world that seems to fly by more quickly than ever, skipping breakfast is a habit that many have. However, doing so does nothing in terms of helping your transformation to living more successfully. Eating some fresh fruit does not take a great deal of time. In fact, depending upon how you commute to work, you might find it possible to eat on your ride as long as it is safe to do so.


Eating Right throughout the Day

Tempting as it may seem to go out with your coworkers for fast food or burgers at lunch time, engaging in this activity will hamper your ultimate goals. Check out the menu before to see if lean proteins or salads are available. Depending upon the types of soup available, a cup or a bowl may also serve as a suitable lunch.There is always a healthy option! Watch what you snack on as well. A healthy lunch does not compensate for a day of grabbing cookies and candies from the break room.


Healthy Dinner

Integrating the same types of foods suggested for lunch into your dinner. Think of all the delicious meals you can make with vegetables, rice and grains, soups and salads. You may say that you do not have time to cook healthy dinners every night? but isn't your health worth making the effort !


For one week give up drinking alcohol and sip on herbal teas! Feel the difference! ok there might be some withdrawal symptoms if you have been relying on it ,even more, reason to detox give you liver a rest. 


Sitting in front of the television for hours on end once your day is over might sound like a relaxing way to wrap up the day. However, consider what you are really contributing to your mind. Instead, make a pledge to yourself to read a number of pages from a self-help book every night. Even if getting it in every night of the week isn't possible with your schedule, work to do so at least four nights per week so that it becomes a part of your regular routine. Reading can also help you to settle down.


Sleep Well.

Sleeping well is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, every hour asleep before midnight has a double effect. tips: no caffeine in the evenings, no alcohol or stimulants, late TV, reading 10 pages of a self-improvement book, It works for us!  


Hobby or interest.

It's a great feeling to have that hobby or interest to look forward to at the weekend there's a lot of great stuff to do. 


Integrating all of these suggestions into your life might seem overwhelming. However, consider the fact that you are asked to do so for only seven days. Chances are that at the end of the week, you are going to want to keep up with these lifestyle changes because of how good they make you feel.

These are some of the lifestyle changes we have made that has transformed our lives.

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