My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals 3

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Water is Receptive & Telling 

Water is receptive and telling

As you may know, water is the most receptive of four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

In particular, water has a special property of responding to non-physical events.

When water is exposed to something positive or beautiful, it responds by forming a corresponding crystal when frozen; a crystal that is beautiful or harmonious.

On the other hand, when water is in contact with some negative, intangible stimuli like pessimistic thoughts, it forms a disturbing crystal that matches the stimulus when frozen.

This characteristic of water was found and neatly captured in the series of experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The results are recorded in many videos on YouTube; one of it is titled “Masaru Emoto Water Experiment.”

He set up a series of studies applying mental stimuli to water and photographed them with a dark-field microscope.

The results, as you can see in the video, are utterly remarkable!

Dr. Emoto explains that thought or intent is the driving catalyst of all this

The science has yet to figure out how they actually affect the water molecules.

However, the study results undeniably show that water does respond to thoughts and intents.

They showed that indifference does the most harm, while love and gratitude form the most beautiful crystals.

You Are What You Think

You are what you think

If thoughts can do that to water, think about what our thoughts can do to us!

After all, an average human adult body is about 60% water!

If we look at the water crystal formed as a result of being blessed and thanked versus the crystal formed as a result of being cursed or ignored, we are naturally inclined to be super careful of what thoughts we think and hold onto.

This also reminds me of the quotes like 

  • You are what you think all day long.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.” - Buddha

Thoughts Are Key To Health and Wellness

Thoughts are key to health and wellness

I came across the experiments of water by Dr. Emoto more than a decade ago, when I was trying to find a way to mitigate adverse effects of secondhand smoke. 

Accordingly, I tried to embrace positive words and thoughts.

However, the symptoms like sinitis, skin irritation, breathing difficulties did not go away. Rather, I developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) as a result of years of secondhand smoking.

And, while I have been trying to look for a solution to my sensitivity to multiple chemicals, I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza and the film, “What the Bleep We Know?”  

Interestingly, Dr. Dispenza was one of the cast of this movie, in which the water experiments by Dr. Emoto were introduced.

I have come to a full circle!

Perhaps, I had not been careful enough about what I think consciously; Or i May have been overlooking what thoughts are there in my subconsciousness.

And this seems like the key to unlock and dissolve my chronic dis-ease.

My journey on recovering from sensitivity to chemicals has taken a big step forward.

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