We've Got STRONG

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This girl was what we called a "girly" girl. She was beautiful, gentle, kind & obedient. 

She was beautifully groomed and dressed very feminine like. She was a sturdy, big, little girl.

As a little girl she loved wearing adorable little dresses and putting on a fashion show for us whenever she got new clothing. She and her little sister loved doing all the little girl things like putting on nail polish and make up. Baking was another passion, she loved creating desserts with gramma using her imagination to produce exciting results.

This now young lady, was always enthusiastic to run to Gramm & Grampa to get kisses whenever we arrived on the scene. She was a strong big little girl who almost bolted me over when she ran to give me a very warm welcome.

Shortly after turning two years old her running & jumping up on me with her welcoming hug was more than my back would tollerate. Her hugs & kisses continue to this day as warm, welcoming gestures filled with much LOVE

Being a strong, big, little girl, she tried many sports but became passionate about the sport of  KICK BOXING. Her mother enjoyed the workouts for kick boxing & they started working out with a new kick boxing gym in their area & a team of committed players. They both became much stronger.

Attending sparring matches on the weekends became quite a routine. Our nurse daughter became the team nurse & the rest of the family became fans of some of the  competitive fighters.

After a few years our beautiful granddaughter was encouraged to take part in sparring practices & competitions.

We love supporting all family sports events and attended her first sparring match.

It was hard to believe how psyched up she was for the competitive event. Much preparation had occured in advance & she was ready for the spotlight.

We visited her in the warm up room as she had asked us to come early so we could get to talk to her before the fight. Her body & mind were definitely ready. Her flexibility amazed me as she stretched her right leg up over her shoulder with her right toe touching the wall behind her. Her left leg remained straight & her foot was flat on the floor.

Fighting of any sort has never been something I liked. Wrestling, boxing, arguing & fighting in or out of sports has been something I've disliked for years. I often say LOVE is the answer. If we all stopped fighting there would be NO WARS.

I choose to change my thinking & look at this as a sport with a personal challenge and good skills to learn to protect ones self.

We took our seats and awaited our warrior. She stepped into the ring all decked out for the fight with mouth gard, helmet, shin pads & boxing gloves filled with wrapped up hands.

She stepped into the ring, went to her corner, jumped high up in the air and came down very hard with a thunderous noise. It was like she was saying, "I own this fight".

Her confidence was high & energy beyond my belief.

She & her opponent were introduced & soon the fight began.

The determination of both fighters was highly focused. The well delivered punches started to fly & the kicks were higher and harder than most professional athletes could perform. The flying fists covered with boxing gloves never seemed to stop. The girl's strong legs were red with kick marks & their faces landed a few healthy punches.

I could hardly wait for the fight to end. It hurt just to watch it.

I certainly have acquired a respect for Kickboxers. The character development & willpower neccesary for winning is much like we need for living a strong healthly life today. Focus was so intent.

Getting their bodies so fit, she didn't feel any pain. She & her opponent hugged each other after the fight. This showed love, support &  amazing strength of character.

The sportsmanship & character development instilled in these young people was exceptionally admirable. These are great characteristics, demonstrated by a team of people interacting with one another as a very loving  family. 

Being in business is a great opportunity to make use of character skills developed over the years. Focus, quality work & the willingness to learn new skills makes successful people.

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