The Reasons People Leave Their Entire Life Without Leaving Up To Their Goals And Potential, But Instead, Take Them To The Cemetery.

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Before pointing to some of the reasons why people do not leave to their potential in life, first take a look at yourself.

Take a look at yourself, your life, surroundings and determine what your strength and weaknesses are. What gives you that sense of peace, love, joy, happiness, fulfilment and accomplishment? That sense of being, and existing? What is it that you would love doing on a daily base that would bring you a very big sunny smile on your face?

You see, most people go through life never asking the real questions which are very essential if we really want to actively pursue our purpose in life which will extern our life. Some of the best teachers say that those who do not pursue their goals in life, whether they admit it or not are literally committing mental and spiritual suicide.

undefinedThere are so many aspects of our lives that we under look but which are the ingredients that build our lives to be what they are. So many seemingly small and unimportant things, which when pulled together, make the fabric of our lives. That is why we have to constantly and consistently make a conscious deliberate determine effort to figure out what our strengths and weakness are and, we  should never allow it to faith as most people do and unfortunately take their strength, talents, and ideas to the richest place on earth which most people do not realize is the graveyard.

There you would find ideas, plans, intentions, goals, genius that never came into existence because people failed to take some of their existing time to determine what their mission on earth might be. What are they good at, how can they be of help to the world and humanity which will intern reward them with a life of fulfilment and that sense of accomplishment of having lived a full life?

There are a bunch of reasons why people do not sometimes and for most people never think of taking a look at themselves and thus never go very far with their dreams. It will be unrealistic to look at all of the reasons, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons that are most recurring and most common.

Circumstances. Circumstances are one of the key aspects of life that make most people not to leave to their potential. Most people genuinely believe that because of where there were born or where they live, the situation in which they currently are, their possibilities in life are limited to a certain extent. I used to think because I was born in a poor community and my parents did not have enough, I had no chances of being anything in life, so why should I bother to try when others (my parents, family, friends’ neighbours and all around me) had tried and came out with absolutely nothing?

Self-Destruction, not feeling worthy. When you do not feel worthy of your dreams, you unconsciously engage in self-destructive behaviours like procrastination and wasting valuable time on things that will draw you far away from your goals which will definitely not lead you to your goals. I always felt very unworthy of having ideas and thoughts that not many in my society had so I shot down any ideas or inspirations that might pop up in my mind. I thought given my background that I was just daydreaming, but today I know now that I had it all wrong.

undefinedComfort: Most people become comfortable in life, so they stop searching and looking for ways to grow and improve themselves. They stop desiring anything and become satisfied. I was the one of the best football (soccer) plays in my city. Because I was good and everybody made me know it, I became comfortable, satisfied and never thought I should continue improving my skills and talent because we never get it done in life and that we need continuous improvement. Consequences are that I regressed and lost a lot of my talent and strength and never became the professional international player that everyone thought I would become.

- Caution and Fear: Researchers say humans are born with two kinds of fear, the fear of falling and the fear of a loud sound and that all other fears are just learned like:-

a. Fear of failure: Most humans are so afraid of failure that they do not even try to pursue any aspect of their dream. My fear was always the risk, I used to say what if this happened, what if that happens, and on top of that if this was to happen, look and the fix I will be in, I better not try. Fear helps you to build a solid case against yourself, it helps you to see the worst case imaginary scenarios that would never happen but we, unfortunately, fall for the tricks that our minds play us with.

b. Fear of success: As strange as it may seem, most people are actually afraid of success on the subconscious level because not many people will willfully be afraid to succeed. Circumstances downloaded in our subconscious mind make us feel unworthy and thus fear to succeed. My stepmom refused to go on a round trip around the world because her neighbours will think that she had made it in life and would be coming to her for help. But I guess without a doubt that it was just an excuse.

- Complaining, blaming everything and everybody without taking needed action: People go about life, their jobs and whatever situation they might find themselves complaining. They haven’t got to the point where they are sick and tired of complaining. They genuinely believe that complaining is equivalent to doing something. But we know that complaining cannot get you to your dreams.

undefinedWhen I took a look at myself I notice that leaving with all these flaws was not going to help me move forward and that if I kept on with the same trail of life, I might reach the end of my life choking on the dust of my own regret of not having done something to change the course of my life. It is said if you want to keep on having the life that you have today, then you should keep on doing what you are doing.

I decided to look at myself in the mirror, to do things differently, look for ways and means to improve my life by doing things differently for different results. My findings lead me to a video of an online community that I reluctantly joint. Reluctantly because my circumstances and unconscious mind made me not to want to believe in anything. But through this community, my life came to change and I started having a completely different perspective on life. I was seeing the same things that I saw before very different from how I have been seeing them.

This community notably encouraged and empowered me, I learned and grew with no time of being a member. I aligned myself with people who think and dream like myself. People who are searching and stretching, finding some higher ground in life.

Thanks to is the community I now know that we have the power to change our personal history, changing the direction of our lives, changing our thoughts. I realized that it doesn’t matter what happens to you, what is important is what you are going to do about it. We have to learn to let go the past for us to move forward in life.

undefinedThere is still a lot to figure out in this game of life for me but I am glad that I am already this far in my learning and transformation process because today I am able to stretch a helping hand to those who are in the same position as I was before and are willing to grow.  Willing because you need a conscious deliberate effort to be able to move forward, without which you will only be trapped like a million others in a life stalemate.

So if you have that gut feeling that there is more to this life that you are actually living, if you are ready to consciously deliberately transform your life or not, then please click on this link. You will be asked your name and e-mail where you will be sent the same video series I first came across before adhering to transforming my like. You would be explained the step by step actions you need to take to leave the life you want.

Please note that at the beginning this will be explained to you as an online business opportunity but with time when you are in the learning process you would realize that what you gain and learn is far more than only an online business and money online.

But, first Click on the link, watch the videos and determine if this might be for you or not and hopefully see you on the other side if you are ready.

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