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First of all practice your 3 basic mindsets and thereafter be sure to understand the difference between action and reaction. I will give you a short-cut below.

To make it very simple, actions is what´s outside your body and rections is what happens inside your body. The most common mistake we make today is that we act as if these two (act and react) are the the same and thereby congruent, but most often they are not. The crucial part is that when the incongruence is to big, we lose power,credibility, vitality, energy, recovery and happiness in the long run.

Our vitality is a hingh for actions (outside) and reactions (inside). If we drop in vitality we also decrease the power to act and react as effective as we are able to with empowered vitality

Our 3 basic minds also need vitality to workout, when do you focus at your protective mind, neutral mind or explorative mind?

If you focus and use your protective mind (PM) when you actually should use your explorative mind (EM), the process of letting your energy go to feelings of beeing afraid increases and is often followed with a paralysed condition. Vice versa, if you use your EM when you actually would benefit from the PM approach you will get exhausted.

A god highway to transformations is to practice your neutral mind (NM), it is also a hinge for taiming actions, and to just act not react. Thereby you save so much energy when you do whatever you need or want to do. We always react of course, but if our actions is congruent with our vitality and NM we do what is god for the situation and ourself, regarless condition or state.

We live in contexts all the time, find the one´s with love as much as possible, you shouldn´t waste your vitality in uncomfortable environmments, it can be a hugh difference between feelings as beeing accepted, respected or feelings of rejection, misunderstod and without value.

I will come back to this topic in this blogg and give reminders, aiming giving you/me as many highway´s as possible to keep vital and transform maximum.  

In service,



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