Alternatives to Gastric Bypass

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Alternatives to Gastric Bypass

Alternatives to Gastric Bypass

Have you been researching Gastric Bypass and after learning about all the discomfort and risks, you are looking for alternatives?

or Have you been considering Gastric Bypass and came across this article and are curious about what solid alternatives or out there to free you from the pain, fatigue and stigma associated with carrying around large amounts of excess weight?

In this article, you will learn about quick highlights and concerns about Gastric Bypass and why you should consider alternatives to gastric bypass that honours your body and these healthy alternatives to gastric bypass.

The Truth about Gastric Bypass

There is on average a very long wait time between the point someone considers weight loss surgery to actually having the procedure is 3 years. A lot can happen in 3 years, a lot of special times and events get missed and more stigma, fatigue and poor quality of life must be endured.

Only 50% of their excess weight loss results remain five years after the surgery. Which means on average they gain back 50% of the weight they lost through the process than can cost on average $23,000 which if you have insurance, may or may not be fully or partially covered, depending on your coverage!

Further, there are several long term risks and complications may include hemorrhaging, blood clots, sometimes diarrhea, but more often constipation or internal hernia/ bowel obstruction, dehydration, indigestion, gallstones, incision hernia, intolerance to certain foods, kidney stones, nausea and vomiting, wound infection and nutritional deficiency especially iron and calcium. 

Can you agree with me and say "No Thank You"!

It's a wonder why some people do it... yet you and I both know why!

They have lost hope and feel like this is their only option to truly and finally release that weight and they are willing to suffer all that pain (now and after) to get the result that they desire.

Yet, there are other options! There are viable alternatives to Gastric Bypass that can deliver the same results and even better in some case without undertaking all this cost and risk.

So... Yes, there is a better way! Surgery Has Risks and There are Enough Risks in life!!! Let's look instead at the better way.

Before we dive in to how it works, let's look at some real people just like you who struggled for years, almost lost hope and are grateful they found this healthy solution!

Barry Lapes

alternatives to gastric bypass

Barry Lapes inspires people all over the world with his weight loss story. He is not alone, as we have a private/closed Facebook group with 1,000’s of people who have lost 100, 200, 300 and one lady who has lost 400 lbs and kept it off!  Barry made it to the 100 lb club and then 200 lb club. If you visit our corporate office, you can see all the amazing testimonials or see lots of happy clients.

Here are just a few other average people just like you, who were struggling with their excess weight, losing hope and found our solutions that transformed their lives.

Alternatives to Gastric Bypass ResultsAlternatives to Gastric Bypass coach with JoAnne MAlternatives to Gastric Bypass Nutritional Cleansing worksAlternatives to Gastric Bypass Powerthrough Nutrition with JoAnne Mbonigaba

So why does it work?

It's pretty simple yet revolutionary!

It's a two step program of first of all nourishing the body with yummy superfoods and natural substances that help with stress relief.

Do you agree, that you are under a lot of stress because of excess weight you are carrying? There is the physical stress on your body, the emotional stress on you and the relationship stress with those you respect and or love. Well, the program is particularly designed to nourish and relieve stress. In particular with the superfood nourishment, you will be getting those trace minerals that are sorely lacking in our food that your body has been craving!

The second and just as important step in the program is the full body gentle celllular cleanse. Unfortunately over the years, your body has come under attack from toxins, be it in the food, air, clothing and water. These toxins block your body from working at it's best and they tend to be stored in fat so the second step of our solution, assists the body's natural replenishment and rejuvenation process in removing those unwanted toxins that are stopping you from being at your best and shedding the fat.

Here is a snapshot of the scientific results of a two year study done on our revolutionary solution that show it can help you get the results and relief you desire.

Alternatives to Gastric Bypass backed by science

Alternatives to Gastric Bypass lasting results backed by science

So, you have seen the transformations, you understand how it works and seen the science that back the results. Are you ready to give it a try? If yes, great, Get started here! And, use this video to guide you through getting the best 30 day start and the maximum value for what you invest in yourself.

Well, if you are still not sure, that's still okay, you may still be sitting on the fence and if so can i guess what your question "Can it really work for ME??"

Well, the only way you will ever know for sure is for you to give it a try! You can either keep going the way you've been going and getting the same results, the exhaustion, next to no energy and still seeing your weight creep up OR you can come join me and my team of leaders who are going to coach you to success. Furthermore, you can do this risk free with our 30 day eat everything money back guarantee no questions asked, so click here to get your first 30 day solution started.

So what are you waiting for? What if this small step to try puts you on that path where three years you will look back and you will say..I would have never imagined life could be like this. It is possible and the only way to know is to say yes to giving it a try. Join our club of winners celebrating 100lbs lost, 200lbs lost and up to 400 lbs lost in a safe and supportive environment. Also, if you decide during or after your first 30 days to enter our free body transformation contest, you will have a chance to win up to $25,000 and lots of other great prizes. Everyon who competes and completes the contest is a winner with $200 Gift Coupon, a shirt and a certificate.

Start your life transformation today!

We welcome your questions and comments on these alternatives to gastric bypass

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