An Alternative Approach To Healing Kidney Disease - PART III

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One of the most enlightening yet practical resources for healing ( yes I said healing :) CKD, or any other 'incurable disease' is by the very amazing Dr. Richard Schulze.

He's harder than hardcore when it comes to kicking the ass of diseases of all sorts and even goes as far as to 'fire' his patients that don't follow his program as best they can. 

Here's a really interesting discussion he has about kidney disease.

This guy, now, to me, after looking into his work in so much detail is The Don, The Dude, The Guru and the Master. His whole-istic approach to healing and wellbeing and thoughts on lifestyle and mindset so deeply mirror my own. The big difference is that he's healed 1,000s of people over a 40-year career and has some remarkable self-healing experiences too.

For a significant part of his career, he was the 'Natural Healer to the Celebs', working out of his clinic in Malibu.


There is a plethoria of absolutely 100% free downloadable ebooks on his website (link above). You can find all his free books under his 'blog' section on the main webpage.

The ones I've read include: 

There are no Incurable Diseases

5 Day Kidney Detox

20 Powerful Steps to a Healthier Life

This book was a game changer for me!!!

I hope you find it as useful as I did and still do! Do yourself a favor and get on board with what this guy has to teach and offer! 

His book on kidney health is awesome. All about kidney problems and how to fix em'. This is all golden egg stuff. So maybe he's the golden goose.

It had never been my intention to 'promote', for lack of a better word, solely one person for their method of healing. My blog is a collaboration of ideas, people, methods and just some flat out helpful stuff. However, I can say without reservation that this Dr. Schultze guy is the king of all the natural healers I've come across and the one that resonates strongest with me across the board.  

I've been studying health and nutrition, and Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine, diet, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, and karate all of my life. I just like this stuff. In all that time I have never come across one person and an approach that incorporates all the good things that I believe in, in such a profound and powerful way. This guy is the boss of healing all kinds of dis-eases. The so-called ‘incurable dis-eases’.


An important note about what Dr. Schulze says about taking lots of fresh filtered water and freshly prepared juice. That’s probably the foundation of his system. However, if you suffer from edema and can’t pass the fluids then please take it easy and sip the water and juice throughout the day. The same with POTASSIUM. If you are having the potassium wobbles and numbness then for God's sake please listen to your body.

The game here will be to do what the Dr. Dude describes but just sip a little shot of juice every few hours and see how you fair out. Once before I got some bad advice from a master herbalist (who interestingly also had kidney disease and recovered fully). He said to work away and drink as much green juice as I can and I won’t have any issues with potassium and don’t worry about anything!!!

So I launched away into green juice and avocados smoothies and all sorts. Man….I nearly bit the dust. My potassium was 8.7 and I felt all of those potassium related symptoms.

I think I was probably close to having heart failure.

That’s what I felt like. So the game is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Start with a shot of carrot and beet juice or green juice. See how that works out. Then have another shot of another type a few hours later and work it like that. Start small, think big and you’ll succeed! Just get the good stuff in! 

There's also plenty of detail about how to get the bad stuff out that's lingering in the gut and the colon. This is one of the major points of focus of Dr. Schulze and with tremendously good reason. It's a topic that I'm gonna cover soon and it's a critical one. If you're not having regular bowel movements 2-3 times A DAY, then this is to be your first port of call.

Schulze writes extensively on ways and means to improve elimination so do your due diligence and have a read up on how to get your body to become more regular.

This is so so super paramount!!!

undefined apologies the image isn't 100% but I thought it was too good to leave out!

Dr. Schulze has lots of products for sale on his website and that's why his books are free. He's promoting and prompting us to buy his stuff. I think his product range is great and I've even bought a few items but had to pay a pretty big import duty when it arrived here in Ireland.

Ultimately the decision to purchase any of his kidney detox programs or anything else he offers is up to you. You don't have to buy a single thing to benefit from the powerful wisdom contained in his free ebooks.

If you are serious about fixing your health issues or if you're researching to help a loved one then I encourage you to dive into this guys work. It's all there in one place, under one roof.

I hope you get as much value out of his work as I have.

God Bless,


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