Another Step Forward in My Journey on Recovering From Chemical Sensitivity

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Dealing with multiple chemical sensitivity is a constant battle, a tug of war between survival mode and occasional recesses.

Unlike secondhand smoke, something that is officially banned indoors at least in most developed countries, scents and smells are included in majority of health care and cleaning and laundry products.

So they are literally ubiquitous: 

  • offices
  • classrooms 
  • gym
  • dance studios
  • theaters
  • museums
  • restaurants
  • cafeterias
  • cafes (even Starbucks)
  • hotels
  • trains & buses
  • airplanes
  • taxis
  • airport lounges
  • rest rooms
  • grocery stores
  • laundry mats

just about anywhere congregated or occupied by people.

However, there’s no way to avoid them in today’s societies.

For people with food allergy, peanut for example, even a tiny amount of peanuts can cause a serious reaction and can be life threatening. 

Therefore, they do whatever it takes to avoid taking in the allergen. 

The severity of their symptoms and the need to stay away from the allergen are widely known and understood by the general public. The symptom of food allergy can be diagnosed and treated.

On the other hand, sensitivity to scents and chemicals in products and in the environment, as well as the ramifications of exposure, are not widely recognized nor understood.

Thus, those with MCS like myself, are often times left helpless and desperate with no constructive or effective measures to avoid and mitigate symptoms. 

Not being able to gain understanding from even their family or friends, they end up being isolated. 

Many are compelled to quit their jobs or move to remote places to avoid exposure. 

Generating income while being worn out, coping with various symptoms and mental stress becomes very challenging.

Not being able to secure a physical space to just even “be”, life becomes extremely difficult. 

Such thing as QOL no longer exists when in this chronic survival mode.

I was living off of my savings, traveling all over the place in quest for clean air. 

But, my nest eggs were disappearing very quickly without being able to refill the nest.

So I was literally standing at the edge of the cliff, at a gunpoint.

That is when I came across the education program that offers courses and support on starting online business from scratch as well as on mindsets of becoming entrepreneurs.

The information and education I am getting from this program is immense and have given me hope to reclaim my life back.

At the same time, I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s YouTube videos. His teachings on how thoughts alone can heal diseases has completely changed the way I see life. 

Things are work in progress, but I am definitely experiencing tangible “progress.” And I wanted to share with you what I am going through.

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