Are You Over-Thinking?

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Are you over-thinking?

Is there such a thing as Over-Thinking? Have you found yourself deciding to do something then a few minutes later your thinking kicks in and you eventually decide it is probably a bad idea?

This can happen to us in relationships, decision making, work and even when we are on holiday. What seems like a bright idea at the time, such as starting your own business, suddenly doesn't seem that bright after all.  Self-doubt creeps in and tells you all the reasons why you should-Not do it. 

"I undefineddon't know how - I don't have the expertise- I won't be able to afford to leave my job!  Where do I start...!   Oh just forget it maybe in a few years when I have the time, money, expertise...."

What is really stopping you is your over-thinking! 

Thoughts, in themselves, are in fact a good thing.  We would not be able to function on a daily basis without thought.  However, when our thoughts become thinking we give them meaning and suddenly they become our reality whether they are positive or negative.

Positive is a good thing, Right?  In most cases I would say yes, but, if you have convinced yourself that something is right for you, and made it your reality, what do you do with it?  Do you then try to convince everyone else that they should do the same, even if it is not right for them until it becomes their reality too?

undefinedWe don't choose our thoughts, they just appear like a bubble machine constantly producing more and more until the soap runs out.  We can, however, choose whether we start to over-think.  We need a new understanding that we have a choice as to, which thoughts we give meaning to and, whether we make them our reality.  

You have the choice to be who you really are by changing how you react to your thoughts. This can save you so much stress and heartache, improve relationships, release you from depression, anxiety and pain.  


If you would like to learn more about any of the above and how it can help you change your thinking either in your personal relationships, in your job or in your business, contact me to arrange an initial conversation.



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