Attended Dr. Joe Dispenza's Weeklong Advanced Retreat - Life Changer!

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It was not my intend to be in the hiding for a month since my last blog. 

But the unexpected knee injury a week before flying to Dubai to attend the long-awaited Dr. Joe's Advanced Weeklong Retreat that I had signed up in September last year, and the most amazing, intense, mystical and life-changing event that I had ever attended in my life (yes! I was able to attend, my knee got better very, very quickly, thank goodness), kept me outside of the usual 3D reality, so to speak. And I seem to be still up in the air, or somewhere between 3D and 5D, honestly speaking.


As I had written in my previous blogs, I have been challenged with environmental scents and fragrances, which literally deprived me of QOL for about 2 decades. I had tried just about every therapy, meditation, diet, workshops and retreats, gadgets and gismos out there to little or no effect, and have been homeless for 5.5 years now.

So attending Dr. Joe's event literally was my last resort to overcome my MCS, or Mulitple Chemical Sensitivity so that I can finally reclaim my life back!

And the result?! Man, it was WAY, WAY, WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATION!!!

I first became aware of Dr. Joe when I saw the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" And I remember having seen the video clip, Quantum Factor Featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza as well.

But what mainly grabbed my attention were the images captured by Dr. Masaru Emoto of the water crystals exposed to various thoughts and music, demonstrating what our thoughts can do to water, and thus to our bodies, not quantum physics, or the things Dr. Joe was referring to. 

Since I was not suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity back then, and was healthy at least on the surface, or was during the incubation period, however, there was no pressing need for me to investigate my thought patterns and habits yet. 


However, around the dawn of the new millennium, I started reacting to all sorts of chemicals in the environment, from scents and fragrances to heavy metals. So things started really getting out of hand, going downhill, wreaking havoc on my life, both work and private, relationships, living situations, just about everything. And I was finally forced to stop and really investigate; to face the darkest enemy in me that I had always been avoiding to face.

And as I became more and more desparate as nothing I had tried to heal or recover worked, I came across Dr. Joe, again. I devoured his youtube videos, and read his book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself." And I knew that THIS WAS IT!!! That is when I signed up for his online Progressive and Intensive Courses, which led me to attending the recent Weeklong Advanced Retreat in Dubai.


I would like to share with you what I went through before, during and after the Retreat in detail in series.

So please stay tuned!!! 

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