Attended Dr. Joe's Advanced Weeklong Retreat - My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals 9

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In this blog series, I want to share with you

  • my experience of attending Dr. Joe Dispenza's Advanced Weeklong Retreat in Dubai, in hope to heal from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and
  • the changes that took place afterwards.

Preparing for the Trip

Let me start from how I was and what I did in preparation for attending the Retreat, i.e., what precautions I took against exposure to chemicals while traveling and at the hotel.

Like I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I had tried just about anything that seemed effective in alleviating my sensitivity to environmental scents and fragrances. But none of them worked, really. Or, it may have been the case that I was not fully prepared to do something about my disease, not desparate enough, or both. Either way, I remained unchanged, status-quo for the most part, feeling frustrated, helpless, and literally worn out.

So, I did not have any second thoughts over signing up for Dr. Joe's Live event; I literally had nothing to lose. It was either I act so change can take place, or I remain stagnant, status-quo. So there was no other option for me than to move and take action.

Compelled to take action to make a change

Successfully Secured a Spot! 

I went to Dr. Joe's website and registered for the Advanced Weeklong Retreat in Dubai, back in September of last year.

I was not aware that his events sell out immediately like pancakes the moment they go on sale. Usually, they go on sale at 10AM Pacific Standard Time, which is 3AM the following day, Japan Standard Time. So if I were to secure a space, I would have had to be up by 2:50AM, standing by in front of the computer.

However, for some reason, the Dubai Retreat was NOT SOLD OUT when I went online around noon, and I was able to get in!

Dream came True!

I was very excited to be able to meet Dr. Joe in person and meditate following his live instructions! My dream came true!!!

Reality Kicked In..

But soon afterwards, when I realized that I still needed to arrange flights and accomodation like any other trip, I started feeling anxious.

The purpose of going to the event was to overcome MCS. But for me to get myself to Dubai physically, I obviously had to put myself on a flight and reserve a local hotel without being able to inspect the condition beforehand.

But purchasing flights and reserving a room was a requirement, no ifs or buts, so I decided to take whatever precautionary measures I can to mitigate exposure risks. I could only hope that things would all work out.

In particular, in terms of accomodation, I sent an email to the hotel that I had booked describing my MCS conditions in detail, and requesting for removal of any scented sprays or toiletteries in the room as well as linens washed with scent-free detergent.

The Customer Relations staff was very helpful and responsive, and they had duly agreed to meet my requests.

When it came to flights, however, there was little I can do, because whether I end up in a scent-free seat or not is solely dependent on luck. So, I chose an aisle seat among the three seats by the window, towards the front of the cabin in a less crowded section, hoping that the two seats next to mine would also be vacant on the day of the flight. 


When I checked in online the day before departure, I checked the seating to see how full the flight would be. The adjacent seats were still vancant, so I was optimistic.

I would like to write about the outbound flight and my hotel experience in my next blog.

Check out my blog to find out more about how I have been dealing with MCS til now. 

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