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They say attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

So, in order to reach people with our message, our gifts, our knowledge, we should focus on creating videos, and quick ones at that.

But I believe that there's still a strong willed and passionate culture of readers out there.

Of mindful souls who take their time, not only to absorb information, but to think, to discuss, to learn from, and to apply to life what they gain from the simple act of not rushing.

But sometimes it's good to have a helpful reminder that we are those gentle mindful souls, and that it's still ok to live life in the slow land.

I believe that we miss more when we rush. That we gain less when we rush. And that we shorten our lives when we choose not to read a book, to listen to the whole album, to slowly cook meals from scratch.

Focusing on what you're doing, as you're doing it also helps. It brings you more into the present moment, not taking you away into the past or future times.

So, another of my life missions is to advocate Slow Movements - the art of taking it slow, so that we can take it all.

Everything in life is for you, if you want it. But you'll let most of it slip by you if you're running here and there, trying to catch it all while you move at warp speed.

So slow down a little, learn to enjoy the road, your journey, not just to get to your destination.

You'll thank yourself when you're 80 if you learnt to respect and flow with life.

And slowing down does not mean being lazy and unproductive. I've found I'm more productive the slower I move and the more breaks I take.

My attention is heightened and my focus is Queen of my senses when I lean into slowness and appreciate the time I have.

Days stretch into long infinite time-less spaces.

Practising this approach to live and daily tasks or big projects allows me to have attention and focus when I need it most.

It's like building a store of energy which you can pull out whenever you like, and use on this continual even wave, without dipping into tired exhausted mindsets, needing to fully stop and gain energy in less positive ways.

Notice over the next few weeks every time you catch yourself rushing around. And then ask yourself, 'Do I need to rush?' it's a great way to develop a slow moving lifestyle, where you get stuff done, but never run out of time.

My aim is that you'll laugh a little and once you slow down your attention span will increase so much that you'll feel abundant in time.

And there's nothing wrong with being 'lazy' - some of the best ideas and moments of clarity have come to me while lying in a hammock, or after a delicious nap.

Be gentle. Be slow. Be focused. Reclaim your attention!

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