Attitude of gratitude from the Heartland Day 1

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Day 1undefined

This is my first post for the year. I live in the outback of Australia with my husband and dog Jess. Most of the summer is spent indoors, in the pool or travelling to see family and to visit new and wonderful places. When the weather cools down we venture out to explore more of the wonderful land around us. Living away from the city these past few years has created a new mindset that I am continually crafting.

I like to think of myself as on a journey towards learning to live life to the fullest.

This morning I read several posts about the attitude of gratitude. I am not really a big fan of Pintrest although I am a subscriber and a follower and I have quite a few saved categories on my account. It was while I was reading that I remembered a conversation I had last year before Christmas. Before I go further I want to say that I am not an expert on the matter of the state of mind or the power of positive thinking- I refer to the writings and readings of others and write humbly from my experience of life.undefined

Last year, before the Christmas shutdown, in the midst of grumblings and negativity of my workplace as stress and deadlines loomed, I found it hard to grab 5 minutes’ peace for solitude and reflection during any part of the day. I noticed too, that it was hard to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Phrases like ‘it will be fine!’ and ‘it will soon be over!’ sounded hollow and not appreciating the fact that today is what really matters. Like many times in my life when I have simply ‘cut off living’ to meet a deadline or commit to the completion of a job, I trudged on towards the holiday season.


It seemed that my whole lifetime has always been a series of ‘putting life on hold’ until the urgency or crisis was over and then enjoying a time of peace and family interaction. Cramming quantity not always quality experiences into a short space which in themselves were exhausting.

Back to a conversation with my friend the week before Christmas and the reason for this post.

We met downtown and chatted about family, holidays and general ‘girl chat’. Then she mentioned her uncertainty about what the new year would bring. Her husband required urgent surgery and would be off work for several months. Coupled with this was the concern about finances lurking in the background. She told me about how three months earlier she had started a daily practice of an attitude of gratitude and explained how every day she made a promise to herself to be grateful for one thing- EVERY DAY!

This got me thinking about my ‘rat-race’ at work and wondered how on earth could I be grateful for any of the stress and pressure on my family life. But what she said next was the clincher.


In her Christmas email as she wrote about the ‘goings on’ of the family over the past year she included aspects of her journey to be grateful for one thing every day. For my friend, this small endeavour had helped her to put into focus the things that were really important every day, the things she normally took for granted, and this gave her the ‘lift’ she needed when those worries of life started to overwhelm her.

To her surprise, she heard back from two friends that she didn’t think would have been interested in this last piece of her story and each commented on how powerful her attitude was and that they too would take on the challenge for the new year.

Each said they trusted her honesty and her experience.

Often a ‘good feeling’ story of real life is one that we read but don’t engage with.  

Scientists and neurologists are finally agreeing with the powerful positive thinkers like Tony Robbins. He talks to Dr Oz ( in his video ‘Tips toTransform your life’ where the importance of focus, languageand intent to make a change in a person's mindset is explained. It appears that what we say, what we see and what we hear influences our brain and in turn creates our perception of life both good and bad.

This year, today, I commit to the next 29 days of positive thinking in the attitude of gratitude. I do not intend to overthink priorities of intentions but here it is…


‘Today I am grateful for health- that I can live, breathe and wake up to a new day and all that it offers. Thank you for my health.’

What are you grateful for today?

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