Become Obsessed.

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Become obsessed.

How many times in your live have you allowed someone’s opinion of you become your reality of you? Think about it, how many times did you accept a believe about yourself that wasn’t even yours? From school to your professional life, we have all been affected by someone’s opinion of ourselves which in an unconscious level it has shaped our ever-changing personality to this day. You can put a stop to this by simply becoming obsessed with your path, purpose, and goals.

If You are already working toward your dream and feel stuck then perhabs this is for you... 

The word obsession has always been approached by the entrepreneurial community with a negative sight. All having an obsession means is being fixated to a person, object, or activity, this is determined a negative behaviour as this obsession usually causes anxiety and affects other aspects of your life heavily, for example your social live, mental health and physical health. So, I propose to you the following mindset, let’s take out all the negatives out of the word obsession and let’s introduce a more positive obsession. Before you start calling me ‘nuts or crazy’, the reason becoming obsessed with your path, purpose, goals, and passions, is because these are the things that will determine your success, and we all want to be successful, right? Now becoming successful but having to give up your social mental and physical health is not a worthy sacrifice, what is a worthier sacrifice is to approach this obsession and your need to breathe…

Find a Path and Goal that forces you to master each and every aspect of your health. PS this is not easy, or for everybody. 

The best motivational speaker right now, Eric Thomas became global when he shared a story about a guru and a young man that wanted to make a lot of money (Story goes like this ). At the very end of the story, Eric says ‘only when you get to the point where you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll become successful’. Some of you still get distracted with your laptops and phones, or stop working because your favourite TV show comes on, and most you know that you could be doing more, putting more effort, going all out but you don’t because you don’t have the NEED to do it. Now if you were obsessed with becoming successful, this wouldn’t even be a problem! You must understand something… you will need to sacrifice some of your social life, completely change your mentality and work on your physical and mental health every day to ensure your success, success will not happen without the alignment of the three basic components of health, this is what makes an obsession ‘a healthy obsession’.

‘Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated’

Remember when we spoke about ‘Path alignment’ (if you missed it, click here to catch up). The greater your focus the tighter the alignment with your path becomes, this naturally improves with time if you create a culture of winning, routines and consistency. A way to greatly speed up the process of being aligned with your purpose is to ‘approach your success as inevitable, as long as I am working all in’ as soon as you step off, then success is no longer a guarantee, but if I am doing everything I should be doing, working more than the competition and working on myself like it was my full-time job, then success is inevitable. I emphasise however, the reason some of you are not where you want to be in life right now, is simply because of your thinking, you are too negative, you punish yourself for failing. Understand to start your radical change towards positive thinking that, my friend You Are The One!

You are the one.

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