Being dangerously hot & bothered (part 1of 2)

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Now for some years and for a number of reasons, I have taken a preference in having a shower instead of a bath.

The convenience and speed that showering provides is clearly the main advantage of doing this and the fact that water consumption is also greatly reduced is another.

I also often found the concept of taking a soak in a bath; surrounded by the dirt I want to clean away a contradicting exercise, nevertheless I could see that there are circumstances where the therapeutic benefits of having a soak take priority.

I have a condition that sometimes creates muscle spasms and tension resulting in pain or discomfort in very hot and cold temperatures.

So, the opportunity to relax in a bath of Epsom salt or similar remedies was usually very helpful to alleviate my symptoms and enhance my state of wellbeing.

A number of years after been diagnosed with my condition, I had become aware that if I got too hot, a sense of lethargy often took over my body, causing me to temporarily slow down or gradually ground to a halt.

A cold drink, a fan or simply just stopping activities and resting for a while was usually all that was required to cool me down and allow a full return of body function.

Then one day, things changed and I was alone with my spirit guide.

I remember the evening of this day like it was yesterday. The sky had been covered in a grey blanket for most of the day and the rain fell continuously.

The weather had been pretty miserable and I wasn’t looking forward to my regular 4 mile cycle home but I just kept visualizing being sat with a glass of wine in my lounge room at home.

A few years back, I had restored the cast iron fireplace in this room and I loved this space...listening to the crackling sound of the fire, the smell of burning logs and watching the flames dancing was a treat after a busy day. 

I held on to thoughts of being in front of the fire because by the time I set off on my bike, the rain was falling heavier than it had done all day and despite all the waterproof gear I was wearing I returned home tired and thoroughly drenched.

I was looking forward to a long soak in the tub.

I added a few drops of my favourite bath oil to the warm water and lit some tea lights, placing them around the room before getting in.

I sighed deeply as I closed my eyes, getting comfortable and ready to soak the day away. I was looking forward to wrapping up in my thick robe afterwards and sitting in front of the open fire with that glass of wine.

After maybe half an-hour, I became aware that I was slowly sliding under the water, so I tried to lift my knees, and move my arms to prop myself back up again.

This is when I realized that I couldn’t really feel my limbs anymore.

I tried to move but my whole body felt so weighted and the water began to feel like concrete that had just been poured over me in the bath tub.

I carried on sliding further down into the bath so that eventually water fully covered my shoulders and was now approaching my chin.

I could feel my heart beginning to pound so deeply that the water over my chest appeared to ripple.

I tried to call out to my husband and daughter who were somewhere in the house.  I tried to shout but the only sound that came out was a whisper.

My head felt stuffy and I couldn’t think about the next thing to do. All the while, I was fixed on a sensation of the water level reaching my bottom lip.

I still could not move my limbs, and suddenly began to cry quietly and I asked my higher power to help me get out.

Look out for the final part of my stort ( part 2)

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