Bobbing along 2018

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Happy new Year 2018

May it be scrumptiously deliciously adventurous

prosperous and insanely joyful because you deserve it!

  I will keep this blog short sweet and direct. Since I am building a blog I need to work on my blogging skills but like I read somewhere “I’m not only building a blog I’m building a life.” I love that. My mission is clear and my blog is my first stepping-stone so here we go …today’s short and sweet blog.

  If you read the book Ask and it is given by Ester and Jerry Hicks you might remember them referring to people being like corks under the water. I love that analogy, it simply makes it so evidently clear how our own stupidity is keeping us locked, keeping us struggle and keeping us down.

  We are treading water to keep us where we are. Waving our arms and struggling to keep our head up and feet down. Treading and treading and holding our breath not to drown!  And this we call living! That’s just the way life is and on we go. We keep treading and we manage to hold ourselves down. Can you hear how insane this is? When all we really need to do is relax float up and bob along the surface.



  That’s it? Simply breath stay in the present moment and repeat “right here right now everything is perfect” because it is! The more we practice to live that way the easier it is to tap into that feeling and you will soon find yourself feeling insanely happy for no reason at all. Simply feeling immense gratitude to life itself, for every breath you take and for the soil underneath your feet. How sweet life is when we simply stop treating it like something we need to struggle through.


  ‘Yeah but’…. You say! I just got a bill I don’t know how to pay… I just lost my job and my wife is pregnant … my car broke down and I can’t afford to repair it…  my partner just left me….  my boss is an absolute asshole… I work too much… I don’t work enough… I’m sick… I’m bored… I’m this… I’m that… STOP simply stop!


  If you don’t fight with life … life simply helps you! Wisdom words from Osho that I suggest you place on a note on your desk or fridge or bathroom mirror. Make small changes every day so you can stay bobbing. Simply allow yourself to float down the river and let life bring you to your desires.


  Take risks, Be brave, be victorious, ride the wave, follow your stars, dream big and for God sake stop treading water and bob along the surface instead!

  I wish you much love and happiness.

May we all be warriors of peace love and joy

and may we all start with our self.

Much love



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