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One of my favorite words. So I was happy and relieved when I read an article from Lucy Kellaway from the Financial Times who writes: “bullshit is my meat and potatoes”.

I agree with her wholeheartedly. Bullshit is a very important word and I work on building a public awareness around it: the more people know it, the more might be able to recognise ‘bullshitting’.

As a medical doctor I hear excuses from my patients all the time:
Oh, Dr Bela, I am overweight, but you know I cannot resist the sweets at home and too tired after work to exercise…” …or … “I know that I should use this cream two times a day, but usually I forget it… you know how busy life is…

We are only humans
We all find excuses and procrastinate. Are we bad? No, we are human, but it doesn’t mean that we should accept it.

I think this is the difference between success and failure that someone is capable of motivating him/herself effectively and finally does what needs to be done, while the other is not.

We should know that we cannot have both: results and excuses.

This is really a question of habit, that has been recently proved to me beautifully: the 90 day Toronto challenge has changed my life. Through painful pledges, it put me into an ACTION mode. I just do things instead of finding excuses for not doing so. I complete not only my commitments but other things as well. So my general state/mode/settings have been altered. It has thought me to prosecute actions instead of bullshitting.

It is your turn
You need to find your way to put yourself in the similar position: set meaningful goals – whatever is important for you –, communicate it widely among your friends/family/peers (ie. on FB) and make a public and painful pledge for the case you failed.
Hi Guys, I have just decided to lose 2 stones in the next 90 days. I have made a quick research and I need to change my diet and do exercise. So, here are my commitments for the next 90 days….(list) You are free to join me with your own commitments for the next 90 days. Yah, …and if I fail to achieve my goal I pledge to pay £500 for my ex to spend it on shoes…. Please keep an eye on me :-)”

After publicly sharing this message, there is one thing that you are not going to do for sure: bullshitting, but you are going to go to the gym and eat healthy and posting images of both. Why? Because we are afraid of public humiliation and this is what keeps us on track.

So, stop bullshitting, find out your goal, make an action plan, publish it with a painful pledge and you are on the way called success.

PS: if you can send me examples of bullshitting (your own or others’), please do so in a comment below. It would be appreciated.