Depression - One Way Out

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Hi, I am Mark Johnson and if like me you have been: 

  • Depressed
  • Suicidal
  • Struggled with life and all its many challenges
  • Failed in business and been bankrupt losing my house, car, and means of earning an income
  • Broke and hopeless
  • Have no pension and little time to build one up
  • Parents who have nothing, have to work longer to retire, have little pension fund and are also deeply depressed
  • Almost lost my family through the stress of all the above
  • Suffering from Anxiety, built up anger
  • Can't face getting up in the morning and lost several jobs through anger and anxiety
  • Have little formal education and poor exam grades
  • Tried money making opportunities and failed
  • Been scammed and lost loads of money when I didn't have it in the first place
  • Lost hope in my future and in humanity
  • Didn't believe I was smart enough or skilled enough to be any better than rock bottom
  • Needed someone out there to help me desperately and feel like the health system failed me
  • Had dreams and the frustration of not having a way of getting to them

Well sadly I have been through all this and more and life has beaten me down, or more to the point, through lack of education and understanding I let life beat me down. I let depression consume me and get to the point where it not only ruined my life but the lives of those I love and who are closest to me.

undefined Me just a couple of years ago with no hope. I couldn't stop sleeping.

I am very very lucky in that I have a wife and kids who love me and I love them, but I even got to the point where I almost drove them away.

But by never giving in and continually tried to find a way out I eventually got what I want.

If you are suffering, in pain, believe you have failed, feel lost, desperate and even broke, lost your job or career and are on an emotional roller coaster or even hit rock bottom like I had, then I am here to tell you that there is hope and there is a way out and after many years of searching I have found something that works for me and could possibly work for you too.

If you are finding it tough:

  • in business
  • in your job/career
  • not got a job/career

If you need:

  • support
  • hope
  • help with your mindset
  • help to find courage and passion again
  • A way to start a business with training and support

If you have:

  • Dreams and goals and want a way to work towards a better future
  • Debt and can't see a way out
  • No time and no money
  • Fallen for scams and fear the same happening again

Then I believe I can help you. I am not a therapist and I definitely do not have all the answers for everyone but I can absolutely help a lot of people out there and given my past I am passionately driven to help as many people as I can achieve their goals of a better life if that is what you want.

If you have dreamed of travelling, living abroad, having time flexibility, learning new skills and gaining knowledge, having more time for and with your family, want to own your life and not have life own you, then through my help and the help of my mentors Stuart and Jay then your life could be turned around like mine.


Me now after getting help to turn things around. 

Feel free to click my link below to learn more if you feel ready to move forward with your life and create change. This is not one of those get rich quick schemes that so often break people apart rather than build them up, but more a get rich in mind and emotions, get rich in life and life balance and earn a good living but if you want to get rich in finances then we can help with that too.

I am here for you so please reach out to me by clicking the link. I hope to talk to you in the very near future as you take your journey to a better life.

Mark Johnson.

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