Dig out of your fitness rut

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Are you in a fitness rut? Perhaps you spent most of 2018 doing other things and neglecting your physique? Do you get pins and needles, muscular aches and pains or just feel tired and sluggish? When you stretch does it hurt or have you just piled on the calories over Christmas and can't face another chocolate biscuit or mince pie? This was all me, this morning. Happy New year by the way!

I felt heavier than usual and didn't even want to get out of bed! I heard my back crack as I forced myself out of bed. Before my morning shower I had a good look in the mirror and just didn't like what I saw. There were layers of hidden fat just filling me up. I didn't look particularly fat but I didn't feel proud of myself either. It's time to stop and think about improving myself. The thought of doing exercise just didn't appeal. But I fancied some fresh air and feeling the cold air through my lungs. I love sunshine anyway and as I looked out of the window, the 2019 sunshine was bright! Really bright. Infact it was calling me outside. I went into the garden initially, telling myself that I would return straight back in if I felt cold. But I was ok. It was about 10 degrees outside, not raining or windy and I was actually beginning to enjoy it. I did something I haven't done since I was a kid- I danced around the garden like a five year old and closed my eyes. I imagine being that five year old and it felt liberating! I had always been the skinny kid, the girl with a hint of sparkle and magic in her eyes. Where had that all gone forty five years on? I was still the same person but with a bundle of life experience, kids of my own and responsibilities that had taken their toll on me. I realised that I had made excuses to be more mumsie and had neglected myself for a long time. I felt like one of those mums that need one of those makeovers, get a new wardobe and see Gok Wan! 

Like many people I'm sure I'm not quite passed it yet. A few extra wrinkles, and a few extra pounds. Is it too late? Again I realise that its all an excuse. Is it a means to justify why you can't be fit like you once used to be? You don't have to let yourself go and be lost in everything else. You can give yourself permission to get fit again. Out popped a thought that it would be really hard to lose weight because I was older and it felt too much like hard work. So I decided to go out for a walk with one of my sons. I old him that we were going up the road and back again to see how long it was! He laughed my lack of enthusiasm to go too far. We ended up walking for about 20 minutes. It wasn't long but it was a start. We walked around some local streets and commented on other things, neither of us feeling like we were even walking as we so immersed in conversation. After hour we went for another walk- this time in the dark of the evening! Again the stroll lasted about 20 minutes. Light exercise was fun and I gradually felt that I could face doing some proper exercise. I dusted my lateral thigh trainer and told myself to just have a 'short go'. I then felt like doing a bit more and a bit more, and so on.

Then I plugged in my headphones from my phone, stuck on an old track from Youtube (It was a bit of Calvin Harris- Under Control) and began moving. Truth be known I actually enjoyed it so much, I didn't even notice I was stepping quite fast! You have to do it to the beat. If you don't have a thigh trainer you could always just find a mirror and do some comfortable exercises.(Jumps, stars, marching, dancing, stretching etc). I told myself 'Don't even bother trying to push yourself too far at this stage'. You have to encourage yourself. It's just great that you are doing it! https://youtu.be/U5_728gwbCY

Next my youngest son asked me if he could have a go and naturally I obliged. I found something else I had stored away for so long. My foldable core abs trainer. The spring had come lose and I had to adjust it to the correct setting. After 15 minutes of stretches, I decided I could do a bit more. So I gave it a go! Next came out the light dumbells that I used to use to tighten up my arms 10 years ago, when I was trying to lose the maternity fat. 'I'm sure was stronger then, than I am now', I thought. Again after a little while my son wanted to have a go! He really motivated me to do it as circuits and swap the various types of exercise. He told me to do it again even when I was tired after the hour. My eight year old son is now my hero! He said he would remind me to do my exercises every day for the next week. Now I'm not saying I'm going to be doing this every day for the rest of the year but I can take each week as it comes. I was so thirsty and dehydrated by the end of the hour that I decided to have a refreshing pint of water with a slice of lemon. I should really swap the fizzy pop or caffeinated beverage for water. I also must remember to treat myself after exercise. Not with food though but with a bubble bath, as I love to have a hot bath with the water as warm as I can cope with. Not only does it increase your metabolism to help you burn a bit more fat but it allows your circulation to increase. I knew this would relieve some of my stiffness and make me feel more soothed. 


I realise that it's not a professional workout. It may not be as exciting as going to a gym o taking up a sport. Yet it is a start. On the first day of exercise, you have just got to cut yourself some slack and be self accepting, that it doesn't have to be intense. In fact intense exercise after a long period of inactivity can actually cause you injuries, make you excessively stiff and put you off doing future exercise. The trick is to have fun initially and allow yourself control. After a few days, you'll be out of the fitness rut. Your own mind just guides you to make a healthy choice for yourself! 

My next change that goes alongside the exercsie will be diet. Am I going to eventually finish all the junk left over in the house and replace it with healthier choices? Veggies, delicious salads, high protein foods and cutting down meat products is what I'll be going for. I will also drink more water and start taking some cod liver oil supplements. I've heard that the protein keeps you fuller for longer. The spirit may be sparkling but the body needs to revert back. I realise that the results from the changes won't be immediate. I don't think that those lose weight fast diets work well. It is just about remembering my previously good habits and reprogramming myself to say no to sugary foods and carbs. We have heard all the advice before and it is nothing new. It is all about taking action in some small way, without creating overwhelm and maintaining consistency and self discipline. It is the same determination that I had last year, when I trained up on how to start my own online businesses and this make it possible for me to work from home, when I chose to. I knew this was good for me because it gave me time freedom, so that I could rest and recouperate from my day job, whilst still earning a passive income.

I think I've really set my heart on getting fit today and I will definately do the same tomorrow. It gets those endorphins working and you do start feeling great again. What about you? Are you feeling the same way or are you doing something similar? Drop me an email sheilaemeryonline@gmail.com and let me know how you are getting on. Happy 2019 by the way!!

Sheila Emery



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