Do What You Love

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What’s going on people.... But hold on, did you meditate today? haha

So i have a question for you and it's probably the most important question to ask yourself in life. Are you doing what you love? 

Now really pause everything you’re doing and give yourself those crucial moments to really go over it in your thoughts. ............. no worries I’ll wait =) ...... undefined

You should now have a bunch of activities, hobbies and lifestyles in your head that resonates most with what you truly love to do. 

Now vision yourself into the future when that inescapable day comes that going to meet us all. Will you rejoice with a lifetime well spent, or wither away in anxiety and agony. How do you want to end your novel?

You are the author of your own story/play/movie and it’s titled "My Life". As Joe Rogan says "be the hero of your own story" and do whatever necessary to live out your dreams. The hero of my story is named Dreadlock Nak! People admire his tenacity as he continues to PLOW forward against the current no matter what opposition stands before him. 

And why does he do it?

Because he knows that it’s only through INTENSE adversity that his dream will be realized! Be the hero of your own movie, and succeed! 

REMEMBER -- heroes don't give up!!

 Take action ---


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