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For me there's no better way to experience and see motion than when you're still and watching the ocean.

There's motion all around us, all the time.

Some of it we see, but some of it we are so painfully unaware of, it can feel like nothing is happening.

But, there's never nothing going on.

The wonderful film Peaceful Warrior explains this with such beauty when the character Soc (aka Socrates) played by actor Nick Nolte says 'there's never nothing going on'.

This phrase, for me, simply describes the workings of the universe.

There is always something happening.


Energy is always being moved or displaced, somewhere, somehow.

And that is never more apparently when you sit and watch the ocean.

In, out. In, out. In, out.

Constant motion. Never ceasing. Always moving.

And just like all energy and motion, it changes. It morphs and shifts. It's never the same from one moment to the next.

Metaphor for Being in the Now if ever there was one.

When we notice the constant movement which is life itself, we can appreciate change.

We can embrace change.

We can realise there's no need to fight change anymore, because we are living in change whether we like it or not.

This was a very humbling experience for me, the first time it clicked in my head.

Like a weight dropping in the pit of my stomach, and then instantly being lifted and taken away.

The struggle was over.

But, I'm not perfect. I'm still human. Sometimes I resist change.

Although, more often than not, I realise I am resisting, and my new habit of leaning into change kicks in, and I let go.

After that I feel that same lifted, light sensation as before, and I flow through life much better.

It's a learning curve, and usually a steep one at that.

I'm glad I have this practise now, and my advice to anyone who's looking for more peace and less stress in life would be to remember your place within the ever changing cycle of the world.

You're a part of the bigger picture of change too, you see. So, in accepting and embrace change, you'll be accepting and embracing yourself.

Just like the great Xavier Rudd sings...

'When you feel life coming down on you like a heavy weight...Take a stroll to the nearest water's edge, remember your place'.

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