Exercise, The Third Tool On Your Route To Mindfulness

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Beautiful mindfulness. A never ending story.  
In two previous articles about mindfulness, the positive impact of Meditation and Visualisation have been discussed. We agreed they shape our mind, they make us being aware, conscious, disciplined, organised. They allow us to live in this moment, to take control, to become better human beings. Today, I think you guessed it correctly, our topic is exercise.
My favourite one!

Tool №3              Exercise

Exercise is a medicine for each monkey mind, each broken heart, each distraction in life. Once endorphins after a good workout start kicking in, all is brighter, clearer and tonnes of unexpected energy starts flowing in your veins. Suddenly, you are inspired, motivated, you recognise your next right step even though you felt lost a few days ago.


Exercise is the perfect way to put all the mindfulness research into the practice. Yoga goes hand in hand with mindfulness. From top to toe you have to be aware of every inch of your body - where it hurts, how to balance, and breath through the movements, where you feel strong. It helps calm down racing hearts and minds, brings the focus down into the body and culminates in a restful pose at the end.

However, the mindfulness can be applied to any exercise. You simply observe how the different sensations make you feel and think. Out of breath or have a stitch? Examine how you react. Are you frustrated, angry, upset, excited? Does it motivate you to speed up or make you want to pack it in?

The most important factor is to choose an activity you like doing. It can be any sport, exercise or team game that brings a smile to your face. The one which you are excited about. The one you don't want to miss. Then variety and consistency are the keys. 


May all the pictures in this blog inspire you. I'm an active bunny. Exercise is my life. Every day I cycle to work. Every day I'm engaged in some kinds of activities. I do yoga and pilates. The ice-hockey was replaced by cross fit recently. Intensity is the same but time of the practice suits me better. Still, ice-hockey is the best game ever. Of course, I love gymnastics. That never disappoints to set up a challenge, to overcome the fear. And each accomplished skill brings confidence and self-belief boost. Last but not the least enjoyable is skiing. Being outdoors, breathing fresh air, racing down the hills with a bunch of soulmates, what else can be better?



The goal is not to get stuck in a negative spiral of the defeatism while for example jogging might highlight other scenarios in life where this thought process manifests itself. Once we know to look out for those discouraging voices, we can combat them. Whether it is slowing down to a walk to recover before resuming the jogging pace or bravely saying yes to a challenging career opportunity.

Still stuck in your exercise routine? You can't make a decision or you feel it is too far out of your comfort zone? No problem at all.

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